Watch: Dancing Nurses in the White House, Invited by Joe Biden

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This is normal.

With this virus taking over everything, these nurses don’t have much to do. The Omicron just kills people so I mean, you throw the body down the chute, then what?

It’s dance time.


The PBS White House Christmas special, reinstated under the Biden administration, features masked nurses dancing and singing a Broadway showtune in the East Room, as the unmasked First Lady Jill Biden looks on in amusement.

In a two-minute video making the rounds on social media Thursday, the nurses can be seen wearing dark blue scrubs, all but two behind black face masks, belting out ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ as they do a little dance.

President Joe Biden does not make an appearance in the clip, but his wife Jill is visible at one point, wearing a pink outfit – and no mask – as she looks on.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t normal is a threat to democracy itself.

We have to trust The Science.