Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo Rejects Coca-Cola, Chooses Water, $4bn Fall in Share Price Follows

Unlike Elon Musk, who tries to crush the peasants, Cristiano Ronaldo uses his power as a celebrity to improve the lives of the common folk.

The Guardian:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s removal of two Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference at the Euros has coincided with a $4bn fall in the share price of the drinks giant.

The Portugal captain is a renowned health fanatic and made it clear what he thinks of the carbonated soft drink. The 36-year-old shifted the bottles of Coca-Cola away from him during a press conference in Budapest on Monday in the prelude to his country’s Group F game against Hungary.

Ronaldo followed it by holding up bottle of water before declaring in Portuguese: “Agua!”, appearing to encourage people to choose that instead.

Coca-Cola’s share price dropped from $56.10 to $55.22 almost immediately after Ronaldo’s gesture, a 1.6% dip. The market value of Coca-Cola went from $242bn to $238bn – a drop of $4bn.

Yes, drink water.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a nightmare team-mate who dictates players’ diets and forces pals to train after hours” is an actual headline.

He’s like a real-life Goku obsessed with breaking the limits and improving himself.

Ronaldo does not drink Coke. The only people who drink Coke are fat slobs who hate themselves, their families and society at large. It is literally obesity juice.

If Cristiano Ronaldo led a Mars colony, he’d make sure everyone trains and eats healthy, and he’d push everyone past their limits.

If Elon led the colony, on the other hand, everything would collapse because he’d spend most of his days being gay with his dog and figuring out ways to bankrupt the citizenry.