Watch: Car Plows Into Pedestrians in Spain

I just can’t ever help but have Blue Oyster Cult’s “Burning for You” in my head whenever I see the latest happening.


Authorities in southern Spain’s city of Marbella say they have ruled out terrorism as the motive for a driver plowing a car into a sidewalk filled with outdoor restaurants and injuring at least 10 people Monday.

While most of the injured were seen at a local hospital, two people had to be taken to a bigger facility in Malaga, the provincial capital, including a woman with serious injuries, the National Police said in a statement.

The car’s driver, a 30-year-old Spanish man, was arrested on the spot, it added.

Online videos from the scene of the crash, one of the main thoroughfares in the coastal resort city, showed ambulances and police officers while waiters cleaned up or assisted people on the ground moments after the car rammed into the pedestrian sidewalk.

The incident took place in the mid-afternoon as the area was brimming with customers having lunch, said Raúl Morote, whose family owns several restaurants on the popular Miguel Cano Avenue.

Yeah, not a terrorist.

Just some guy who simply could not take it anymore.