Watch: Biden Says Adults Have to Get “Booster” 8 Months After Second Dose and Masks Protect Kids

The ancient man with tiny eyes has announced that everyone should get a “booster” eight months after their second dose as a strategy to protect against alleged new variants.

What this announcement actually means is that every 8 months (or less), the vaxxed will be required to take new “boosters,” because if a single shot were enough, they wouldn’t be talking about boosters in the first place.

The Guardian:

Joe Biden said on Wednesday his administration planned to make Covid-19 vaccine booster shots available to all Americans starting on 20 September as infections rise from the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

The White House is prepared to offer a third booster shot starting on that date to all Americans who completed their initial inoculation at least eight months ago, the US Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement.

“This will boost your immune response,” Biden said at the White House. “It’s the best way to protect ourselves from new variants that could arise.”

Again, we have a narrative glitch.

If the coronavirus “vaccines” are magical and can protect people against variants that don’t exist yet, then there’d be nothing wrong with some people choosing not to take it, as they would only be putting themselves at risk. But the official narrative has so far been that the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated at risk.

On the one hand, they blame the unvaccinated for the alleged new variants. On the other hand, they say that vaccinated people can get infected with the virus too. It is schizophrenic. If vaccinated people can get infected, then they can produce new variants too.

In theory, they could come out and state that the vaxxed can’t create new variants because the virus doesn’t mutate in people with a strong immune response against it. But in that case, why are they campaigning to vaccinate kids? Kids have the best immune response against viruses, and according to the official statistics, they’ve been virtually unaffected by coronavirus.

The president urged anyone 18 or older who got the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to seek a booster shot eight months after their second dose, echoing the advice from his pandemic response team.

He also announced that he was directing the health department to develop regulations to require nursing homes to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for their employees in order to receive Medicare or Medicaid funding.

Biden noted that more than 130,000 residents of nursing homes had died of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

“At the same time, vaccination rates among nursing home staff significantly trail the rest of the country,” Biden said, adding that high vaccination rates helped protect older patients in such facilities.

“I’m using the power of the federal government, as a payer of healthcare costs, to ensure we reduce those risks to our most vulnerable seniors,” Biden said.

He also fiercely criticized Republican governors who are attempting to ban mask mandates in classrooms, such as Florida and Texas, where Delta infections are the worst in the country – even as young children remain ineligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

“They’re setting a dangerous tone,” Biden said of the governors. “This isn’t about politics. It’s about keeping our children safe.”

The president said he would direct his education secretary, Miguel Cardona, to use all of his oversight power, including “legal action if appropriate”, against governors who try to overrule school leaders on masking policies.

Keeping children safe from what?