Watch: Australian Government Releases Coronavirus Propaganda Video Saying Young People are at Risk

It’s shocking that a government would be trying to make people afraid of coronavirus.

Australians have reacted with outrage at the release of a confronting new advertisement warning about the dangers of Covid-19.

The government is set to roll out the shocking 30-second clip, which shows a terrified young woman struggling to breathe on a ventilator, on free-to-air television across the nation from Sunday night.

A preview of the ad immediately attracted a public backlash, with many taking to social media to call for it to be ditched.

The ad campaign is part of the government’s push towards vaccinating the public, with this specific clip attempting to prove to the public how anybody can be affected by a particularly nasty case of the virus.

With the outcry continuing to grow on social media, a government spokesperson issued a statement defending the ad, insisting it is necessary to boost vaccination numbers in the community.

They’re outraged that it insults all the young people who are in real life dying of coronavirus.

Here are two blue checks being presented by the media. I don’t know who these people are, but I know that “blue check” means “officially approved spokesperson for the globalist agenda.”

One is outraged that it falsely portrays a healthy-looking young woman as dying of coronavirus.

They’re also outraged because young people are not being given enough vaccines.

So the question is: Do you support this fear/terror dread ad showing a healthy young person dying of coronavirus?

The potential answers are:

  • Yes, because it will get more young people vaccinated to protect them against this deadly coronavirus
  • No, because young people really are dying and it’s so sad all these poor young people are dying from the deadly coronavirus
  • No, because we need more vaccines to stop this deadly coronavirus

The public is naturally revolted, because everyone knows this is bullshit. Even if they can’t form the thought in their brains, everyone knows that no, young people are not dying “of the coronavirus.”

However, anyone who would try to enter the public conversation and call bullshit on this is just going to be shouted down and censored, possibly raided by the police and arrested in Australia.

They do this constantly: they shape the public conversation around completely fake narratives, and people will tend to side with one or the other, and then start taking on the talking points of the one they sided with. It’s basic psychology, and it is being done not only on purpose, but systematically across the entire Western world.

Computing Forever recently had a video about how they’re doing this in Ireland, playing their emergency medical body against the government.

Here is the UK’s most recently released official numbers of coronavirus deaths by age group:

I want to remind you that the coronavirus is a hoax, and there is no new virus. It is just a rebranding of the flu.

But that’s their own data.

This “variants” hoax is a hoax within a hoax – something known as “hoaxception.”