Watch: Australian Cops are After People Who Break Rules of Coronavirus Regime

We’ve got a fugitive on the run, folks.

He skipped out on his lockdown, and he sneezed.

This is officially a Blade Runner level alert.

A Victorian duo who breached Covid-19 restrictions and provided false information to border officials came unstuck at Adelaide Airport after they both used the same name.

Chol Manjok and his nephew Semain Akue Bol, both aged 19, were arrested at the Pullman medi-hotel on August 5 by SA Police officers decked in gas masks and full PPE after failing to remain in their quarantine rooms and wear a mask.

They arrived from Melbourne the day before their arrest and were ordered to isolate at the quarantine facility in Adelaide’s CBD.

Mr Manjok was charged with failing to comply with Covid-19 directions and stating false details at Adelaide Airport as well as disorderly behaviour.

He pleaded guilty to the offences in Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Mr Bol faced two counts of failing to comply with directions — once at Adelaide Airport and the other time in the Adelaide CBD — which he pleaded guilty to.

He was also initially charged with failing to give his identity to an authorised officer at the airport but he pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The charge was later dropped, with the allegation amalgamated with one of his other offences.

Mr Manjok was sentenced to one month and 12 days imprisonment, backdated to August 4, for failing to comply with Covid-19 directions and was fined $300 for stating false information to police.

He will be released from custody within about three weeks.

Mr Bol — who appeared unrepresented — said he came to Adelaide wanting to “start fresh” and find a job and “turn his life around”.

“I want to become a better man — honestly. I didn’t expect any of this,” he told the court.

He was handed a jail term of one month and six days, backdated to the date of the offence, so he will be released in about two weeks.

Of course, the brown people are the only ones who are going to stand up against this.

The are literally rebelling against the tyranny that white people refuse to rebel against.