Watch: Asian Airbnb Host Asks Black Guests “Which Monkey is Going to Sleep on the Couch”

Daily Stormer
June 2, 2019

She did nothing wrong.

Daily Mail:

A Black chef and his friends encountered a racist Airbnb host in New York City who asked which ‘monkey’ would be sleeping on the couch after the group asserted that her listing said it accommodated five people.

Meshach Cisero – owner and executive chef of The Cage Bird in Washington D.C. – took to his social media to share the unsettling experience of being kicked out by the host at 2am on Saturday morning. The listing was for an apartment in the Upper East Side.

‘We arrived to our @Airbnb, and we were harassed several times before being thrown out at 2 am,’ Cicero said on Instagram.

Her reasonings were because she felt unsafe, we were going to steal and destroy her property, and then told us to “Get the f**k out of her house immediately!” We cooperated and began to pack our things to leave.’

Cisero and his four friends complied and started gathering their things so that they could leave. But he asserts that as they were packing, the host bust into the apartment with a camera.

They asked her to respect their privacy – as one of them had just exited the shower – but the woman continued her tirade and called them ‘criminals’ adding that she didn’t feel ‘safe.’  

No sane woman would feel safe near five blacks.

She knows that around blacks, one must never relax.

She got kicked off of Airbnb, but at least she wasn’t gang-raped.

To show the world that the racist Asian lady is wrong about blacks, blacks publicly stated on social media that she should have been “curb stomped for real for real.”

An Asian chimes in with some insight into Asians’ love for white people.

Apparently, Asians are secret white supremacists.

Some Twitter monkey pointed out that the Airbnb Asian host appears to be the waifu of a white man.

One black female expressed her desire to “tear this bitch apart.”

Other blacks also displayed their non-violent nature.

Notice that a lot of angry black females defended the black males.

White women don’t ever feel rage when white men are attacked in any way.

That is presumably because the patriarchy and colonialism or whatever it is that whites do is worse than being the most violent humanoids in America who abandon their kids and their pregnant women.