UK: Asda Security Guard Knocks Black Man Out, Drags Him Out Like a Bag of Trash

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Finally, white people are beginning to kick some ass.

That was always step one.

Daily Mail:

Shocking video has emerged of the moment a man is knocked out with a single punch by a security guard in Asda.

Footage shows a grey hooded man approaching the guard, who has ‘security’ written on the back of his jumper, at the entrance to the Asda store.

The store is in the town of Shoeburyness, near Southend-on-Sea, in Essex.

As the man in grey approaches, the man wearing a black jumper unleashes a right-handed jab, catching him in the face.

Instantly stunned, he falls to the floor as his knees buckle underneath him. The knocked-out man is then dragged by the hoodie and thrown outside the shop.

A second reel of CCTV footage shows the outside view of the shop as the man is being dragged out.

As he is thrown outside the shop, his head bounces off the concrete floor and the man in the black walks back inside.

Still dazed by the punch, the man struggles to stand up as he stumbles multiple times and falls on his face.

People loved watching Tyson Fury smash that black guy.

Before, whites didn’t really register race.

But now, even if they don’t consciously register race, they subconsciously register it and think “OH HECK YEAH!”