Watch: Arab Moslem White Supremacist Assaults New York Jew – Hate Crime!

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a real anti-Semitic hate crime in the USA. We’ve mostly been seeing fake, hoaxy ones.

As far as hand-to-hand combat goes, this wasn’t very effective.

This is like a girly slap-fight, an ego thing, and not like combat with real intent.

Please understand that I’m not suggesting anyone assault Jews on the street, or anyone else. I’m just reflecting on the science of combat. If the attacker was trying to do damage in a short amount of time, he would have wanted to kick his head, or get into side control and then hit him in the head with his knees.

Side control.

Both of these things are illegal to do in MMA, for good reason. If they weren’t illegal, MMA fights would be a lot shorter, and people would get permanent brain damage from them much more often.

NY Daily News:

A livery cab driver shouting anti-Semitic epithets beat a Jewish man during an argument on a Brooklyn street Sunday morning, police said.

Farrukh Afzal, 37, attacked man at the intersection of 13th Ave. and 46th St. in Borough Park around 7:30 a.m., said cops.

Moslems are the real nazis.

I’m waiting for Blue Check Mark Twitter to light up with tweets about Moslem Supremacy, and the threat it poses to Chosen people.

Any second now…

… Still waiting…

Afzal dragged his victim — named by local website Borough Park 24 as 62-year-old Lipa Schwartz — into the intersection and pummeled him wildly, surveillance video shows.

“He was screaming at him that he hates the Jews and he would like to kill all the Jews,’” said a shoe store employee who witnessed the attack and declined to give his name.

“In that instant I saw death for my eyes,” Schwartz told the website. “I saw two choices, either I fight back and wrestle myself out of this attack.”

…What was the other choice?

A passerby tried to stop the attack, but the driver chased him away, the video shows.

Schwartz was taken to Maimonides Medical Center with minor cuts and bruising on this head, cops said.

“I’m out of the hospital with some minor bruises, but the trauma of being attacked by someone who seemed to want revenge will stay with me forever,” he told the website.

I assume it will also stay with his descendants forever, due to the trauma being etched directly into his DNA.

These White supremacist Moslem foreigners need to be collectively punished, immediately.

Reparations are needed.

Police sources say Schwartz was crossing the street when he got into a quarrel with the driver and smacked his car, sparking the vicious attack.

Afzal, of Staten Island, was arrested and charged with hate crime assault, criminal mischief and harassment. Witnesses said he was a driver with Church Avenue Car Service.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind called the attack “an absolute horror.”

“You watch that video, there are no words to describe what you see in that video,” he said. “The scene itself reminded me of those worst moments in Nazi Germany.”


Most goyim know about the six million gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into soap, but few know about the legions of Moslem cab drivers that Hitler used to terrorize the Chosen people with minor bruising in road rage incidents during the Third Reich.

The important thing here is that he said some mean words (who would have known that Moslems hate Jews though?) which makes this a hate crime – and national news.

These Jews are pretty desperate to get hate-crime assaulted by someone, and it looks like these immigrants are doing the jobs that White people aren’t stupid enough to do.

Through the laws of supply and demand, the Economy demands a fixed number of anti-semitic slap-fights per year. If it weren’t for Moslems doing them, some other ethnic group would have to.

It’s just basic economics.

Anyway, I’m glad that, in light of this incident, Jews will have finally realized that Moslems are the real nazis, and the only way for Jews to be safe is to stop flooding our countries with people that hate Jews.

Because, you know – we’re the only people who have ever tolerated them, at all, for any period of time, so it’s kind of stupid for them to turn against us.

Everyone else hates them even more.

We’re probably too nice for our own good.

So, yeah – I’m sure we’ll be seeing a policy reversal any time, now.


Any time, now…