Watch: Anal Claus Straight Up Your Ass!

What is going on here?

Anal Claus is visiting an old man?

Did he visit him when he was a child and molest him?


Norway’s postal service has released a lavishy-produced advert depicting a homosexual relationship between Santa Claus and a man named Harry. The LGBT love affair, which ends in a kiss, has been met with mixed reactions online.

Produced to mark 50 years since Norway decriminalized homosexuality, ‘When Harry Met Santa’ depicts the blossoming love affair between a Norwegian man and Father Christmas himself. Over several years, Santa visits ‘Harry,’ and the pair fall for each other. The advert ends with a passionate kiss between the two men, as Posten, the country’s postal service, handles Santa’s deliveries for the night.

Gay rights groups and LGBT advocates raved about the ad and its “strong and moving message of inclusion,” to quote Canadian Member of Parliament Randall Garrison.

They’ve done this Anal Claus thing before – there is a children’s book about Santa anally penetrating a black man and then molesting kids.

Why do we have Anal Claus?

Who is requesting this?

The Jews, again??

Some people are doing the “if you don’t like homosexuals then you’re secretly a homosexual” bit.

Understand: Jewish Satanism is obsessed with anuses.

The demon enters the body through the spreading of the anus.

That is why everything is anal now, and why they want kids to do anal nonstop.