Watch: 4 Women Stripped, Beaten by Crowd for Shoplifting in Pakistan

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The Sun:

Four women were forcibly stripped naked, beaten with canes and paraded through a street after being accused of shoplifting, according to reports.

Harrowing footage, which The Sun Online has decided not to publish, shows the women being thrashed by an angry mob for allegedly stealing in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The group of women were accused by the owner of the electronics store when three men forced them into the street.

In one video, the women enter the shop where a man is working and appear to take items off the shelves before the owner and women leave the shop.

In a later clip, one of the women is crying as she crouches on the floor inside the store and the camera pans around to film what is happening outside.

Another woman is aggressively dragged in by three men by her ankles and wrists and then dumped on the floor near the first woman looking visibly upset and terrified.

In another video, a third woman is naked from the waist down while the fourth woman is forced to strip nude and they are both beaten with sticks by local men.

The women are shouting and crying during the brutal attack and attempt to shield themselves with their arms.

After one of the accused women attempts to cover up with a blue shawl, it is ripped away from her and she is left completely naked except for a bra and appears to be extremely distressed.

People around the attack are jeering and beeping car horns while the woman tries desperately to cover her chest with her arms.

One of the other half-nude women appears to find the blue shawl on the floor and she uses it to cover up her cowering friend.

The women were reportedly “paraded” up and down the street naked for an hour before the Punjab police were alerted and came to intervene.

Police said that they received a call from residents which they immediately responded to and arrested the owner of the electric store and three employees working there.

Five men were arrested in total for torturing and stripping the women in a busy market, after the women told the police that they only entered the shop to ask for some water.

The women told police that as they entered the shop, the store owner Saddam and three of his employees accused them of theft and started beating them.

Women are not even good at lying. They’re just good at making puppy eyes and emotionally manipulating men by pretending to be defenseless creatures.

Since we’re not seeing these distressed women tell their side of the story, it’s easy for us to see that it doesn’t make any sense.