Watch 11 Local News Stations Report the Same Amazon Propaganda Segment Word for Word

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Is Jeff Bezos our Supreme God, or merely our Eternal and Benevolent Master?

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Courier Newsroom:

Amazon is taking proactive action ahead of Wednesday’s annual shareholders meeting—at which investors plan on demanding the company address worker safety issues after at least eight warehouse employees have died of COVID-19—by pushing a package to local news outlets that promotes the corporation’s health and safety efforts.

While most TV news professionals have scoffed at the idea of running Amazon-provided content as news, at least 11 stations across the country ran some form of the package on their news broadcasts. The package—you can view the script Amazon provided to news stations here—was produced by Amazon spokesperson Todd Walker. Only one station, Toledo ABC affiliate WTVG, acknowledged that Walker was an Amazon employee, not a news reporter. WTVG and WGXA in Macon, Georgia, noted that Amazon had supplied the video.

Well, I don’t know about you, but after seeing this highly informative coverage from reporters I trust in my area, I am fully convinced.

Jeff Bezos is the supreme Form of Forms, and Amazon is the best of all possible companies.