Washington Trying to Force RT to be Classified as Foreign Agents

Daily Stormer
October 18, 2017

As we here at Stormer brought to your attention previously, RT is under fire from Washington and will likely be the first mainstream media outlet registered as a foreign agent.


The United States’ demand to list the RT broadcaster as a foreign agent is ultimately a crackdown on media and “shameful,” given that Washington has been promoting freedom of the press for centuries, Russia’s former ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak said on Tuesday.

“And that is something unprecedented and the reason for it is absolutely unclear. For a country like the US that has been promoting freedom of the press for its whole life and existence, it is shameful,” the senator added on the sidelines of the Valdai Discussion Club meeting in Sochi.

The former ambassador, who now serves as a member of the upper house of Russian parliament, suggested that the RT broadcaster faced pressure in the United States because it provided alternative coverage of global events.

The official’s statement comes amid significant pressure on RT in the United States, most recently in the form of a request to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) by October 17.

RT Editor-In-Chief Margarita Simonyan noted that broadcaster never experienced this kind of pressure in any other country. The Russian Foreign Ministry has already warned that Moscow may have to respond in kind to Washington’s pressure on Russian media.

Moscow’s response would probably be worth it. That would – presumably – mean listing all Western media outlets as foreign agents in Russia (and probably other CIS nations).

I think that would lead to favorable outcomes in Russia. After all, the only reason they even created RT was that Western media is international, and was promoting the Western ZOG agenda internationally, including in their own country – so they did just a little bit to try to level the playing field.

But this isn’t some “mutually assured destruction” situation. Western media harms Russia more than RT helps Russia.