Washington: Three Cops Charged with Killing Black Because They Hated His Skin Color

More white supremacist cops are charged in the death of an innocent black man.

They murdered and manslaughtered him because they hated the color of his skin.


The Washington state attorney general on Thursday charged two Tacoma police officers with murder and another with manslaughter in the death of Manuel Ellis, a Black man who died after repeatedly telling them he couldn’t breathe as he was being restrained.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed charges of second-degree murder against Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins, and first-degree manslaughter against Timothy Rankine. The three were in custody by Thursday evening, Ferguson’s office said, with their arraignments set for Friday.

Witnesses reported seeing Burbank and Collins, who are both white, attack Ellis without provocation, according to a probable cause statement filed in Pierce County Superior Court. Rankine, who is described as Asian in court documents, is accused of putting pressure on Ellis’ back as he said he couldn’t breathe.

He’s described as Asian.

But he may just be squinting. He could have ocular photo sensitivity.

Ellis, 33, died on March 3, 2020 — Tasered, handcuffed and hogtied, with his face covered by a spit hood — just weeks before George Floyd’s death under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer triggered a nationwide reckoning on race and policing.

The Pierce County medical examiner called Ellis’ death a homicide and attributed it to lack of oxygen from being restrained, with an enlarged heart and methamphetamine intoxication as contributing factors.

To the cops, it wasn’t murder, it wasn’t manslaughter. It was monkeyslaughter.

The cops view blacks as monkeys, ready for the slaughter. To them, Manuel Ellis, who was a hero who gave his life as a sacrifice for human rights, was just another “coonskin.”

What the cops are trying to do is murder all black people so that they can create a “pure” Aryan empire, where they never have to see dark shades of color.

Cops only like muted pastel shades.

They want to rebuild the entire America nation in their image of pastels.

You know that Rolling Stones song “Paint It Black”?

Mick Jagger sings: “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.”

Cops sing: “I see a red door and I want to paint it Jet Stream.”

Cops don’t like The Rolling Stones.

They only listen to The Bread Special.

The longer term goal is to eliminate all brown and black colors from everywhere.

You might be sitting there and thinking “I don’t care about the black people being slaughtered by white cops because blacks are just a bunch of drug-addicted violent criminals anyway and it’s actually better if they’re dead.”

But the cops, they don’t think like you. They don’t murder the blacks because the blacks resist arrest and attack them. Cops couldn’t give a damn about how many crimes a black commits. They don’t care if Manuel Ellis is high on meth and attacks them. They think that’s a big funny game.

What they care about is color, pure and simple.

You might not think this is so cool when they finished off with the dark colored people and then start coming for other dark colored things.

How about your brass lamp? You like that?

Well, that’s out. The cops will come to your house and destroy it. They will make you use a crappy plastic lamp from IKEA.

What about Dr. Pepper? Do you enjoy a nice glass of DP with your meal, and savor its delicious tangy flavors?

Well, that’s gonna be over if the cops have their way. You’ll be drinking Sprite or 7-Up.

You might say “well, I’m sure they’ll allow Mountain Dew.”

But how about burgers? You like a nice juicy burger?

That’s out, friend. The color of the meat is too dark. It’s only going to be chicken for you – and don’t leave it on the grill too long, pal.

How about your Nintendo Switch controller?

You like that?

Well – it’s totally black and it’s out.

When the cops finally enforce their agenda, you’re going to have to pay an extra $30 for a special edition Yoshi controller.

Get it through your stupid thick skull: these people have the guns, they have all the power, and they are devoted to removing dark colors from America.

Do you want to live in some depressing pastel world, where everything has the colors of My Little Pony?

We have to stand against it.

We have to abolish the police completely in order to protect everything that has a dark color.