Washington State Admits That Coronavirus has Already Peaked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2020

A totally clean, empty emergency facility built and never used in Seattle

This hoax is in the process of winding down, but the national media is having a very hard time wrestling with that fact.

Some local media is looking at the actual data and making stark admissions about what is not going to happen (everything they said was going to happen is not going to happen).

Washington State was the location of the first case of Coronavirus in the US, so it is somewhat symbolic that they are among the first to say that this thing is not happening.

Seattle Times:

After a “massive infusion of new data,” modelers at the University of Washington are painting a much more optimistic picture of the novel coronavirus epidemic in the state, revising sharply downward their estimate of how many people are likely to die and suggesting Washington may have already passed the peak of hospitalizations.

The UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) says the state can expect roughly 632 deaths, compared to an estimate 10 days ago of more than 1,400 fatal cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

IHME Director Christopher Murray said the analysis shows that Washington — the state where the virus first took hold — is also among the first places in the country to begin bringing the epidemic under control. Gov. Jay Inslee cited the improved forecasts in his decision to return 400 ventilators to the national stockpile for use in harder-hit areas.

Here are the new graphs:

Even while admitting that it’s over in Washington, UW decided to continue to promote a hoax in their national estimate.

Nationwide, IHME is now projecting about 82,000 deaths through early August, down from an earlier estimate of 93,500. And while shortages of hospital and ICU beds will continue to be acute in hot spots like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, many other parts of the country seem to have enough capacity to deal with a wave of severe infections expected to peak in most states by April 16, the analysis finds.

Yeah, I’m sure people will still be dying of the flu in August.

There is virtually no chance we are going to reach 82,000 deaths – even considering the completely deranged CDC plan to label more or less everyone who dies of anything save accident, murder and suicide as having died of Coronavirus.

They are going to try to blow these numbers up as much as they possibly can, but there is no way, based on current counting methods, that 82,000 people are going to die. I expect that in the summer they will come back with some fake new death toll, based on statistical magic.

But we currently have an official death toll of less than 13,000.

Where are these 69,000 deaths supposed to come from?

That many people are going to die from the flu in the summertime?

Of course, they know that that number of people is not going to die – at least not before they put together new methods of calculating deaths, which will come later – but they are currently in a process of downgrading this hoax, incrementally.

Never forget that as late as March 16th – well after I had said that the whole thing was a total hoax – these lunatics were projecting 50,000 deaths per day. In June!

The Imperial College of London, an allegedly top-respected medical institution, was saying 2.2 million deaths in America.

So as insane as it sounds to talk about 82,000 deaths, this is less than 4% of their previous predictions.

It’s just… it’s hard to fathom the scale of this hoax.

It is above and beyond the biggest hoax in all of human history. I would go so far as to say it is six million times bigger than that hoax that took place in Poland in the 1940s.

What we need to consider now is this: was it on purpose, or were these people simply caught up in their own lunatic hysteria?

Was the medical establishment simply waiting for the threat of a flu pandemic so that they could pull the trigger on all of these models that they’d already created?

Or was this hoax staged on purpose to collapse the global economy for some as of yet unknown reason?

The only “unknown reason” I can even imagine is that they wanted to start a war with China as the last phase of establishing a global government.

Because if that isn’t the plan, then China is now officially the dominant power in the world. They did not collapse their entire economy because of this flu. On the contrary, they only shut down one city, and told people elsewhere to wear masks.

China also has a much more stable economy than those of the West, being that they produce their own goods and have a base to fall back on.

There is currently no way to know if this hoax was embraced by the government on purpose, or if the people making these decisions just went nuts when they saw these idiotic “millions of dead” graphs released by the medical establishment. But the moves that come next will be telling.