Washington: School of 80,000 Cancels Classes Over “Hate Speech” on Yik Yak

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2015

Blacks are feeling a feeling. Shut the whole place down, now.
Blacks are feeling a feeling. Shut the whole place down, now.

Black campus madness continues.

Washington Western University, a school with 80,000 students, canceled classes due to “hate speech” on the semi-anonymous chat app Yik Yak.

The Seattle Times:

Western Washington University’s (WWU) president sent a 2,685-word email to the school community Friday night explaining why he canceled classes this week following racist threats posted on social media.

In the email, also posted on the university’s site, President Bruce Shepard offered a timeline for how he dealt with the hate speech posted on the anonymous social-media phone application Yik Yak

The letter comes two days after a packed news conference in Bellingham, where student and community activists expressed disappointment in the president’s actions after the threats surfaced. Among other things, they say he should have sent out a campuswide alert.

The crude comments and racially-charged threats reportedly were to all students of color, though many messages threatened specific students. According to Shepard’s email, the students included WWU student government President Belina Seare and student Vice President for Diversity Abby Ramos.

“Holding aside those for whom a specific threat had been made, the general campus was safe from a law enforcement perspective,” he wrote. “However, with talk of lynching, nooses and such, there were absolutely concrete reasons for many of our students to fear coming on our campus.”

He says Ramos and Seare worked with school officials after the posts came to light to discuss safety. School officials called Seare Tuesday to offer to relocate her and provide round-the-clock police protection, if necessary. She did not return officials’ calls, according to the email. Attempts by The Seattle Times to reach her for comment Friday night were unsuccessful.

The source of the threats on Yik Yak remain anonymous. Investigators are waiting to get more information from the site to determine the poster’s identity, according to the email.

Probably, they remained anonymous because there was no actual “threat,” it was merely people complaining and/or joking about the Blacks, and so the police have refused to investigate it.

Saying mean things or joking on the internet is not yet a crime in America.

This is Exploitable


If I was a Nazi Troll, I would be all up on this.

If they are shutting down schools over statements on Yik Yak, I would totally start making statements on Yik Yak. No threats, of course. They can presumably trace you relatively easily (which is why I am suspicious of the above claim that they are still looking for the people who made the posts).

The app is good for within five miles of the location you are at. So, if you are within five miles of a university, it might be jolly good fun to alert Yik Yak of the presence of Grand Wizard Sam Hyde on campus.

For example:

  • The news is reporting that KKK leader Sam Hyde is staging a demonstration on campus. Why won’t the administrators stop it?
  • The KKK is back on campus for the second time this month, and the President has said they have “free speech,” smdh
  • The KKK is out front of the student union and just put up a banner reading “Black lives don’t matter” smdh
  • smdh I can’t believe the KKK is burning crosses on campus in 2015
  • White supremacists are driving around campus in blue pick-up trucks, yelling th n-word at Black students
  • I’m at Black student, and the KKK just drove by in a blue pick-up truck and spit on me
  • The White Student Union just invited Sam Hyde, the leader of the KKK, to give a speech on campus, the President says it’s free speech smdh
  • Sam Hyde is marching through campus with hundreds of White supremacists chanting “Heil Hitler” and “Black lives don’t matter” smdh

And so on. You won’t get tracked for anything along those lines. It will cause teh lulz.

Also, if anyone with tech knowledge can figure out a way to mass spam these university Yik Yaks remotely, please do that. The same messages could be carried across dozens of universities at the same time.

If they shut down one university because someone said something mean on Yik Yak, they will shut down more.