Washington Rally was a Massive Victory for American Nationalism

The media attempted to cover up the Million MAGA March on Washington, DC on Saturday. But over 100,000 people turned out in Washington, and they couldn’t refuse to cover it.

Donald Trump did appear, as he’d said he would, but only in the form of a drive-by.

It would have been great if he’d come out and given a speech, but this was good too. At least he did show.

He put a video of the event on his own official YouTube page.

Obviously, he’s got something going on right now. He went to the golf course on Saturday, but it’s possible that he’s going to the golf course because he knows that’s not bugged.

One of the stages used by boomers was a little bit boring. However, that was fine. If they want to have a bunch of women get up and shout, that’s their right, and it was great that they filled the plaza.

This Breitbart stream contains the full boomer rally:

The Ruptly stream is also a good one to skim through if you’re just trying to get a feel for what the event was like. It has some great footage of humiliated Antifa throughout.

I do want to say something positive about the boomers though: they had great signs. Most young people, groypers and infowarriors and the like, are of course too cool for signs, and more likely to just have flags (and that’s fine – young people should be cool), but the boomers turned out with some great signs. People do remember these signs.

Alex Jones brought his maximal energy to the rally, screaming for hours on end through a bullhorn.

He rolled in with the Proud Boys.

Quite the entrance.

Jones was at one point given a mic, and said a prayer for America.

Here’s his full speech.

Alex Jones repeatedly said that this was the beginning of 1776 part 2, which means whatever it means, I think.

The highlight of the entire evening was Nick Fuentes’ speech, with a bullhorn, before a crowd of tens of thousands.

Here’s another angle.

In an article, I recently reminisced about the feeling of being on one of these ridiculous rice burner motorcycles that goes 200 mph. That is the same feeling I had watching Nick Fuentes’ speech on Saturday. Fuentes is a prodigy and a gift from God. I don’t know of anyone else alive who can give a speech like this, without any script – and Nick is only 22.

If he keeps on this path, he is going to lead the most important movement this nation has ever seen.

I just want to remind everyone that I predicted this: I said that Nick needs to be out at the lockdown protests. It isn’t too late for that, because these anti-lockdown protests are going to start meshing with pro-Trump protests in the months ahead. Nick’s show is fun and good and all, but he needs to be out there doing this above all else.

I also just want to say: Nick’s people looked fantastic. Everyone looks healthy. And not one of them was wearing BAGGY CLOTHING. Remember: I was attacked by boomers for years for telling people not to wear baggy clothing. They said that not wearing parachute pants was “gay.” Well, I have won the day, and now all political dissidents wear fitted clothing! They take care of their health! They look great!

The biggest difference between this event and Charlottesville, I would say, was that the young people in attendance were all wearing fitted clothing.

There was some fighting – one jacked boomer got attacked by a crowd and literally fought off 25 Antifa and blacks.

He did eventually go down, but only when he was punched in the back of the head by a guy who got a running start.

The evening marches were probably not advisable, but the Trump people managed to completely hold the streets of DC, all night.

There was some more violence at night.

Basically, Antifa did what they always do, and waited for stragglers so they could mob attack them.

Someone did eventually get stabbed, apparently.

But overall, it was indeed “mostly peaceful.”

Watching this with others on stream, we all felt like this was the beginning of something magical. Whatever happens in the future, we are facing an extended street movement, and it’s clear that in our first outing after the attempt to steal the election, we’ve proved our ability to handle this.

Next, we need to start looking at the capitals of the states where this theft has happened.

We need Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, and this army of Trump supporters on the streets in all of these cities, demanding justice, and warning of the coming reckoning.

Whatever happens next, the movement for American Nationalism has more energy than it ever has before. In many ways, this attempted election theft was a gift. The people’s eyes have been opened, and they stand with us.