Washington Post Jew Gives Germans Permission to Like Their Country

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2017

Jew Isaac Stanley-Becker is giving Germans a conditional privilege to be German. But they better remain good goyim, because privilages are not rights and Germans have no intrinsic right to be German. Not after the sixty trillion bajillion, the electric floors and pedal-powered skull-crushing machines.

Evil nerd (((Isaac Stanley-Becker))) has issued a bold edict: Germans are now free to like Germany…as long as there’s nothing German about it.

He reasoning is that the German tricolor represents nothing of unique tangible value (“the liberal international order”), so it is now safe for Jews to permit Germans to wave their flag outside of soccer stadiums.

The mass invasion of Germany by millions of blacks, Arabs and West Asians has gone off almost without any incident. Germans will now live in a poorer and more violent country with a higher retirement age and lower social welfare, and don’t seem to be reacting with the desperation the situation calls for.

Meanwhile, in Der Deutschland…

But don’t be surprised if the (((Becker’s))) of the world start gassing the Germans up (no pun) in a bit of the old push-pull. Germany’s new demographics means it may be (I hope not) too socially incoherent to rise up in the future, but Jews may still need German technical prowess on the world stage.

Filling what’s left of the Germans with the rainbow colored Bush-era style jingoism could be on the table if Trump takes America too far off the ramp. A powerful, militarized Germany (and by extension, European Union) swearing allegiance to LGBTP, multiculturalism and the “liberal international order” could be attempted to antagonize America and Russia.

Here’s Isaac’s royal decree.

Washington Post:

If the origins of Germany’s tricolor flag are not widely known, that is because the banner is rarely displayed in a country still atoning for the crimes it carried out in the name of national pride.

Note: Race is a social construct and genetics don’t actually exist, but Germans are required to atone for alleged crimes committed by their great-grandparents three-quarters of a century ago.

There may be a history lesson, then, and not just an electoral gambit, in the prominent use of black, red and gold in posters advertising Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bid for a fourth term in the federal election in September. Germany’s colors have appeared in previous modern political campaigns, but more mutedly — and hardly ever to amplify so blunt an appeal to the national interest.

“For a Germany in which we live well and happily,” proclaims one poster.

Germans’ wary attitude to patriotism and the idea of a national culture is decades old. But circumstances both global and domestic are forcing a reconsideration. As the country decides how it might serve as a custodian of the liberal international order, it is also sorting out how to integrate migrants who began arriving in enormous numbers in 2015. Both undertakings bear crucially on German values — and on the issue of whether a unified set of national principles even exists.   

“The question is really, ‘What’s the cement?’ ” said Arnd Bauerkämper, a professor of modern European history at the Free University in Berlin. “What should Germans have in common?”

One answer has come from Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s interior minister, who has championed the concept of “Leitkultur,” or leading culture, a term sometimes used as the conservative rejoinder to multiculturalism.

“Strength and internal certainty about one’s own culture leads to tolerance with respect to other cultures,” he wrote this spring in Die Zeit, a weekly newspaper.

The concept makes some on the left uneasy. Efforts to define German culture are “often used to draw a line between us and others,” said Katharina Zimmermann, a 32-year-old who works in marketing in Berlin. She added: It makes me shiver when I see a German flag.”

Merkel’s campaign materials feature “the most prominent display of the color code ever,” said Thomas Strerath, head of the Hamburg-based advertising agency that developed the designs.

Originally intended to fend off a challenge from the far-right Alternative for Germany, the color scheme is intended to appeal to patriotism, not nationalism, Strerath said. In internal papers, the agency settled on the concept of “falling in love again with Germany.”

“Trump had been elected, [Rodrigo] Duterte in the Philippines and [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan in Turkey were tightening their grip,” Strerath said. “We realized that what they have in common is that they don’t come up with the best argument but instead address emotions. If we’re good at something in advertising, we’re good at addressing emotions, and we didn’t want to let the interpretation of what Germany means be the territory of the far right.”

What is Germany?

  1. It is a childless, tattooed globe-trotting thot in her 30s who shivers when she sees a German flag.
  2. It is a federal court system besieged by lawsuits to legalize having sex with animals.
  3. It is where 18-year-old Somalis rape 87-year-old disabled men and get slaps on the wrist in children’s court.

Germany is the heart of Europe, and I will die a Germanophile. But Germany is gone.

It’s time that nationalists toss away that red-black-gold Zionist occupation snot-rag and build a new Germany.

When Angela Merkel and (((Isaac Stanley-Becker))) tell you its okay to put that flag up, that’s when you know it’s no longer your flag.

Instead of arming Kurds, Trump should clean out the deep-state and start arming Germans. If the Merkel regime gets a fourth term, this pig will have wielded uninterrupted autocratic power for longer than Hitler.