Washington Jewish Post Tells Macron Not to Cease Kiking the Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2018

So of course as soon as Macron backs off the global warming hoax tax to try to save himself from a violent revolution, the Jewish Washington Post editorial board attacks and condemns him as a traitor to Jewish globalism.

To this day, no one knows what “democracy dies in darkness” means. However, the fact that “Jewish globalism dies if governments do the will of the people” is a self-evident fact of reality.

Washington Post:

FRENCH PRESIDENT Emmanuel Macron offered the hope that he would transform his country’s politics in two fundamental ways. His sweeping election victory last year seemed to offer a centrist answer to the populist movements of the far left and right that threaten to tear France apart. And once in office, he vowed not to repeat the performance of past presidents who backed away from badly needed economic reforms in the face of strikes and street protests.

By Tuesday, those achievements seemed almost out of reach. A diffuse movement of protesters, organized on the Internet and without clear leadership, had shaken France with three weekends of demonstrations — and Mr. Macron, whose approval rating has fallen below 30 percent, announced a retreat from one of his reforms, a rise in fuel taxes. The extremist leaders whom Mr. Macron defeated 19 months ago were racing to exploit the popular anger. And a European state that seemed to offer a counterpoint to the turn toward nationalism in much of the democratic West was looking as fragile and conflicted as many of its neighbors.

The protests’ center of gravity was in the countryside, where drivers were infuriated by a tax increase that added the equivalent of about 30 cents to an already high price of more than $6 per gallon of diesel fuel.

The president may have felt he had no choice but to offer a concession: The government said the fuel increases would be suspended for six months. But that seemed unlikely to demobilize the yellow vests, some of whom say they are seeking to force Mr. Macron from office. That, too, is improbable; the president’s term extends to 2022, and there is no constitutional mechanism for removing him from office.

What does seem likely, unfortunately, is the weakening of one of the relatively few European leaders still standing firmly behind internationalist principles. Mr. Macron has been a leading voice for measures to control climate change and has tried to defend multilateralism from the assaults of President Trump. The danger is not just that Mr. Macron’s efforts to revitalize France’s economy and political system will stall; it is also that his failure will open the door to disastrous alternatives, such as the quasi-fascist Marine Le Pen or the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who between them captured about 40 percent of the first-round votes for president.

Mr. Macron must find ways to address a central problem that Western democracies now face: the bitter disenchantment of those who feel left behind by rapid technological change and economic dislocation. While there’s no clear road map, retreating from needed reforms is not the solution.

There is no clear roadmap, and violent protesters were on the verge of overthrowing his government, he has a 25% approval rating and the protesters have a 75% approval rating, but he should have just kept on Jewing the goyim with fake taxes.

To be clear, this is an ostensibly American newspaper calling for the French President to defend international interests from the American President.

Remember when Jews said that “globalist” is an anti-Semitic dog whistle?

They put a lot of energy into that.

Well, what did they mean?

They meant that Jews are globalists, so you can’t oppose globalism, because opposing any of the massive changes that Jews are trying to force down your throat is a form of pure hatred.

Literally, that is the claim, not even something that they deny. They don’t say “Jews are not globalists” – Jews are openly globalists. They just say that you’re not allowed to talk about or be against globalism, because it is such an overwhelmingly Jewish movement.

The Washington Post is as Jewish as it gets.

The editor, Martin Baron, is an odious Jew.

The virulent Jew blood-sucker Fred Hiatt is the head of the editorial department.

Virtually every other major figure at the paper is Jewish.

It is, by definition, a “Jewish paper.” And it is aggressively, irresponsibly and unapologetically globalist, and sides with international elites against the population of any and all countries.

The more I think about it, the less bothered I am by the likes of Alex Jones using the term “globalist” as a euphemism for Jews. It is a scathingly accurate euphemism. I would even say it is more accurate than “Zionist,” given that Zionism is itself a form of globalism, but many globalist Jews are not Zionists as they believe in a different form of globalism.