Washington, DC: Jewish Defense League Member Indicted for Hate Crime Against Arab Outside of AIPAC

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017

Last spring, about a dozen members of the domestic terrorist group “Jewish Defense League” jumped a Palestinian protesting the AIPAC convention in Washington DC. The evidence was so overwhelming that one of them just got indicted.

The question that comes up is: “where was Antifa?”

DC Antifa organizer Lacy MacAuley insists that her PC paramilitary protests AIPAC all the time. The only proof she provides is “google it yourself,” which doesn’t turn anything substantial up.

As we can see in the footage above, the black-clad “militant” anarcucks waving improvised weapons – the ones that show-up whenever white people protest the war in Syria or march for Kate Steinle – are nowhere in sight.

The Forward:

A Canadian member of the Jewish Defense League was indicted by a grand jury in last week in Washington, D.C., for charges that include the assault on a Palestinian-American at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference in March.

Yosef Steynovitz faces three assault-related charges, the Canadian Jewish News reported, including attacking a man with a dangerous weapon and beating Kamal Nayfeh, a 55-year-old community college teacher who was reportedly walking to the conference when the attack happened. A photo of the bruised and bloodied face of Nayfeh circulated widely after the incident. At the time, JDL leader Meir Weinstein claimed videos and photos of the incident were incomplete and said his group was acting in self defense.

One of Steynovitz’s charges includes a hate crime enhancement for anti-Arab bias that would lead to a greater penalty if Steynovitz is convicted, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.

This is rich, as the main justification for Antifas reactionary behavior is that white people will victimize “people of color” and queers if allowed to have some suit and tie conference in the Ronald Reagan building.

Yet at AIPAC, they don’t seem to be doing anything about a conference that exists specifically to keep earmarking billions of American taxpayer dollars for bombs and bullets that ethnically cleanse and murder Palestinian children.

When Arabs go to protest this, the Jewish Defense League assaults them while calling them racial slurs.

Now predictably, the average Antifa asshole would come up with an excuse like “we can’t be everywhere at once!”

Do you see any of the Antifas doxing JDL members? Do they get them fired from their jobs? Do they dox the people financing and leading Israel lobbies like AIPAC, the ADL or any of the scores of groups of this sort? No, because they mostly agree with these kikes.

The JDL and Antifa overlap a lot and have a similar philosophy. When the JDL was stronger in the 80s and 90s, Antifa/SHARP and JDL even had overlapping membership and the same goals (attacking David Irving and Ernst Zundel, fighting pro-white activists led by Tom Metzger, etc.).

They are predicated on the same Jewish criminal psychology and strategy: if you can’t win an intellectual debate because you’re wrong, physically assault the person who is right until he recants or is dead. When they refuse to let you do that, then play the victim.

Most people know that “Antifa” groups are anti-white and not “anti-racist.” Jewish racism and supremacy is allowed because a disproportionate number of Antifa organizers are Jews using the tactic (consciously or subconsciously) as a way to silence critics of Jews and Zionism.

If that’s the game they want to play, fine. My issue is these people are liars misrepresenting what they do.

Just admit you are a group that exists specifically to protect Jewish power and prevent white people from having a voice.

Drop the bandanna of “anti-racism” and show your real face to the world!