Washington DC has Third Largest Jew Population – Behind New York and LA

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2018

Jews migrating to Washington

Oh okay, so the Jews gather around the center of political power, but only after having gathered around the center for financial power and then the center for entertainment media power.


Washington Post:

The Jewish community in the Washington region has grown to nearly 300,000 people, according to a new study of the region’s Jews, which paints a complex picture of Jews’ involvement in religious institutions and activities.

The number of Jews in the District and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs has grown by 37 percent since 2003, in a time of significant population growth — about 22 percent — for the region as a whole, according to the report by Brandeis University researchers. But only just over a quarter of Jewish adults belong to a synagogue or a similar Jewish community, and only 15 percent say they feel very connected to the local Jewish community here.

“There are way too many people who may be engaged Jewishly, but it’s on their own,” said Gil Preuss, the chief executive of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, which was involved in the study.

The researchers at Brandeis’s Steinhardt Social Research Institute calculated that 6 percent of all Washington-area residents are Jewish, and that the Jewish community in the region is the third-largest in the United States — in a rough tie with Chicago, but far behind the New York area’s 1.2 million or so Jews and more than 500,000 around Los Angeles, Preuss said.

Since 2003, the Jewish population has shifted, and more Jews are now living in Northern Virginia, especially in Arlington and Alexandria, the study found. Today, 41 percent of the Jewish population in the area lives in Virginia, 37 percent live in Maryland and 22 percent live in the District.

Preuss views that finding as a call for more Jewish offerings in the area, to supplement the local synagogues and the Jewish Community Center in Fairfax. “There are some programs, but not nearly enough given the population,” he said Monday, when the study was released.

Everywhere in the country has Jews, as they are obsessed with full-spectrum dominance of goyim society.

But of course, the power centers have more of them.