Washington: Antifa Vaxers Show Up to Anti-Vax Protest, Shoot Anti-Vaxer

As you know, Antifa is a state-run paramilitary organization that uses brutal violence against enemies of the state that the state does not currently feel comfortable attacking.

Lately, Antifa has been attacking anti-vaxers, in support of the state’s position on vax mandates.

On Saturday in Olympia, Washington, Antifa attacked an “End the Mandate” rally, and shot one of the organizers.

Before the rally, Antifa announced on Twitter that they would be attacking the demonstrators.

This was their poster:

“Shut up and do what the government tells you or we will hurt you.” (Remember, we are told that this is an “anarchist” group.)

Tusitala Toese of American Samoa was shot in the leg by the pro-government mob.


It has never been officially confirmed that Antifa is run by the federal government, but it’s not possible that a group that supports all of the positions of the federal government, and attacks the stated enemies of the federal government, would not be directly connected to the federal government.

Last year, the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, claimed that Antifa does not exist, that it is just an idea.

This drew strong parallels to repeated claims by the FBI in the 1950s that the Mafia didn’t exist. As it turns out, the FBI and the CIA were working directly with the Mafia.

The CIA actually hired a Mafia hitman to assassinate Fidel Castro – one of their political enemies. There is also evidence that Jack Ruby, who shot Harvey Oswald, was a Mafia hitman.

Antifa is serving a similar role. However, unlike the Mafia – which had the existing purpose of making money – Antifa has no purpose other than to enforce the agenda of the federal government and the Democrat Party. The group did not really exist before Donald Trump, and it seems to me self-evident that the group was injected with money and organizing aid by the federal government so that they could be used to shut down the freedom of assembly in America, thereby preventing a mass movement against the globalist agenda.

It is not only evil but actually ridiculous that our government uses these kinds of psychological operations against the public in order to shape our behavior.

If what we’re seeing in Europe is any indication, however, the feds won’t need a weird fake political activism group to do their dirty work for long. In France for example, the virus hoax has allowed the government to tear the mask off, and just send in brutal police in motorcycle helmets to beat people with bats for resisting the agenda.

I will say once more: there is no point in trying to resist any of this stuff at this point. You cannot win.

The only logical option is a strategic retreat: go out of the city.