Washington: After Night Falls, “Stop the Steal” Turns Into “Stop the Stab” – And Fails!

Hopefully, we do better at stopping the steal on Sunday than we did at stopping the stab Saturday night!

Yeah but no, seriously though – black people.

Funny how CNN doesn’t point out that the violence was caused by black people and leaves it open for someone to suppose Trump supporters went full-apeshit.

Of course, if it had been right-wing whites, they would say “WHITE RACIST TERRORIST STAB ATTACKS” in the headline.


At least four people were stabbed Saturday night amid post-election protests in Washington, according to the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s public affairs office.

DC Fire and EMS transported eight people from the protest area since around 7 p.m.: the four stabbing victims, who were said to be in critical condition, according to DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office; two police officers with non-life-threatening injuries and two people with minor injuries, the public information office said.

At least 23 people have been arrested during the “Stop the Steal” protests, the mayor’s office said.

Six people were arrested for assault on police officers, 10 were arrested for simple assault, four for riotous acts, two for crossing a police line and one for possession of a prohibited weapon — a Taser, the mayor’s office said.

Videos circulating on social media showed scuffles and small fights had broken out sporadically, but the large gatherings were mostly peaceful.

I can’t believe CNN is still using the “mostly peaceful” meme. They have to be cracking up when they type it.

Here’s a couple of stabbings. This is actually what appears to be white Antifa.

Here are what looks like two different people being tended to after the stabbings.

Here are some images of the Antifa with the knife.

The other stabbings were reportedly just normal black stabbings.

I get it with the blacks, but what would drive an Antifa to go out and stab someone?

What is the primary agenda?

Like, is he thinking “JEFF BEZOS AKBAR!”? Or is it more like, “THIS IS FOR FEMINISM IN AFGHANISTAN!”?

I actually don’t understand what they believe. I know they’re big on destroying capitalism by transferring all of the wealth of the working and middle classes to Bezos (see support for lockdowns), and I know they’re big on wars in the Middle East to cause democracy (see support for Kurds), but I don’t understand where the passion comes from.

It’s one of those mysteries of the New World Order.

But hey, listen:

I always tell people: get off the street when night falls.

It’s fine and good to celebrate with your boys, but go to a bar or a hotel party or something.

Here’s a black fem-cop getting injured. Silly bitch was crying. Maybe she shouldn’t have tried to moderate a riot?

(It’s so goofy that America not only has fem-cops in the first place, but sends them to moderate riots.)

Here are some other videos taken after night fell in Gotham.

The real crime committed on Saturday was the heartbreaking spree by Jake Lloyd.

Seven women got head injuries after fainting and smashing their noggins on the asphalt after Jake made eye contact with them, and one poor girl doused herself in gasoline and burned herself alive on the National Mall after Jake refused to give her his phone number.

When I complained about his camo jacket, I didn’t expect that he’d end up committing a gynocaust.