Was the Thousand Oaks Shooting a Satanic Jew Revenge Attack?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

The Thousand Oaks shooting killed 12 people.

Eleven of them were country music dancers. All white. One of them a cop.

This comes after exactly 11 Jews were killed at a synagogue.

The shooter, Ian David Long, was a military vet.

Over there in the desert of the Middle East, who knows what can happen to you?

One of the things that could obviously happen is that you could be kidnapped and MK Ultraed by Jews, and then later used to commit a mass shooting.

MK Ultra is real, kids. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

You can actually use trauma over an extended period of time to brainwash a person and put triggers in their brain that you can then use to order them to do things.

There is no motive, but he went on social media beforehand and mocked the idea of people using “hope and prayers” after a shooting.

ABC News:

The veteran suspected of opening fire at a Thousand Oaks, California, bar, killing 12, texted or posted to social media during the shooting, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

Preliminary information indicates that Long walked into the bar, immediately shot a group of security guards and employees standing near the entrance to the bar and then paused to text or post to social media, according to law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation.

“It’s too bad I won’t get to see all the illogical and pathetic reasons people will put in my mouth as to why I did it,” he wrote at 11:24 p.m., according to documents obtained by ABC News. “Fact is I had no reason to do it, and I just thought… life is boring so why not?”

Three minutes later, he posted, “Yeah… I’m insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is ‘hopes and prayers’ … or ‘keep you in my thoughts’ … every time… and wonder why these keep happening.”

Long’s social media were taken down at the request of law enforcement.

Jews explicitly mocked the idea, repeatedly, that “hope and prayers” should be the response to the synagogue shooting.

Look at this.

Huffington Post:

“Too often, we as a country put our faith in our elected leaders,” Marc Short, former White House director of legislative affairs, said on CNN. “And I think that the one who can help to heal our land is the one who in Second Chronicles said, ‘If my people will humble themselves and turn and face me and pray to me, I will heal their land.’ And that’s what our nation needs to be doing, is more praying as opposed to getting more involved in political finger-pointing.”

Rabbi Jay Michaelson, a columnist for The Daily Beast, was shocked by Short’s comment.

“I’m sorry,” Michaelson said, “isn’t praying what the people in the synagogue were doing when they were gunned down?”

After Short briefly tried to explain himself, Joan Walsh, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, jumped in.

“To tell people to just pray because we have a man in the White House who can’t find it within himself to do the decent thing and tone this down ― that’s really disrespectful.”

So, I mean – I’m not trying to go all weird on you here, dear readers.

But shit is weird.

Really, really weird.

This shooting is dropping out of the news cycle. They’re not even using it to call for gun control really (though possibly because California already has gun control).

There aren’t very many country music venues in California, I can tell you that. And the only reason someone would choose such a target is if they specifically wanted to kill conservative white Trump-supporters.

And yet he was a military vet, so there isn’t too much of a chance that he was a radical leftist, is there now?

And the fact that people in the bar were survivors of the Vegas Massacre is just… that is a really, really strange coincidence, is it not?

And look here, bro: we know for a fact that Jews have engaged in human sacrifice for as long as we’ve been in contact with them, and that they believe they get some kind of power from this.

They worship a demon god called Yahweh/Moloch who feeds on human sacrifice.

I’m just putting this out there. I don’t know. Maybe all of these different weird factors are all part of a large coincidence.

But the large coincidence explanation is at least as weird as the Jewish ritual sacrifice explanation, isn’t it?