Was October 2018 Before or After Jordan Peterson Got Did Up for Pills?

I’m not on YouTube very often, but like accidentally having sex with your secretary, it happens. I was on YouTube today and their algorithm put me on a video of Jordan Peterson facing off against a fat extremist GQ feminist in October of 2018.

I was trying to remember if this was before or after Peterson got did up for pills and sent to a rehab center in Russia, and I couldn’t remember. I decided it was better not to Google it, because really – who gives a shit?

Peterson’s showdown with this bitch was a lot of fun, truly. I had fun. I didn’t have enough fun that I finished it, but I did have enough fun that I watched more than half of it.

Peterson has been recently really boring. I walked into one of his streams maybe a month ago, and I was like “this is just total garbage,” and quickly left. But this showdown was interesting.

It turns out the bloated skank he’s debating in this clip is herself a target of the mob.


In July 2017, Lewis wrote about her concerns that gender self-identification would make rape shelters unsafe for women and would lead to an increase in sexual assaults in women’s changing rooms, writing: “In this climate, who would challenge someone with a beard exposing their penis in a women’s changing room?” Lewis has defended herself, saying “I’ve had two tedious years of being abused online as a transphobe and a ‘TERF’ or ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’—despite my belief that trans women are women, and trans men are men—because I have expressed concerns about self-ID and its impact on single-sex spaces”.

In November 2020, game developer Ubisoft removed two in-game podcasts from Watch Dogs: Legion that featured Lewis.

If you’re at the point where Ubisoft is coming at you, then you’re at the point that – wait no, Ubisoft goes after everyone. I was thinking of FromSoft, which came after me for my virulent views on the Chinese invasion of Japan.

(No I’m seriously just joking, FromSoft never attacked me for saying “Chinese are the natural rulers of Tokyo,” and I love From, and I’m very excited about Elden Ring, or whatever that game is called, even though I think George RR Martin sucks, and I find Dark Souls too depressing to even play at all.)

You would probably think that TERFs would be smart enough to realize that trannies – that is, men claiming to be women – are about to completely remove women from the equation, entirely. But the problem with that is, women are stupider not only than most mammals, but actually stupider than insects and bacterium.

Female stupidity is as vast as the universe itself. The only intelligent women that I’ve ever encountered were prostitutes, and what was astonishing about that was the similarity between their thinking and that of men. (That might be related to some hormone, but we can’t ever study that.)

Anyway, I don’t know what the deal is with Jordan Peterson. He has (or had) a lot of good points. But I don’t know if it is the pills, or getting off the pills, or what, but everything that I’ve seen from him recently has just been suicidally boring.

Do you guys remember when his daughter promoted an all meat diet?

I thought that was really awesome.

I don’t believe in an all meat diet long term, but it is frankly what most Americans need to be on until they can see their abdominal muscles. Most Americans can’t even see their feet while standing up.

I tried to read Peterson’s Rules for Life book, and only made it about halfway through. I don’t think he actually wrote the book, frankly. It was like a children’s book, like Dr. Seuss or something. Maybe Berenstain Bears. He also goes off on gibberish about philosophy that doesn’t make any sort of basic coherent sense, and he talks about the Bible in a way that, as a Christian, I find offensive (not that he insults it or whatever, he just speaks nonsense about it).

But I will say: his basic self-help conception is not wrong.

However, that can be said of virtually every self-help guru. In fact – and this is just the hard fact of reality – I believe that Tony Robbins is about six trillion times more useful than Jordan Peterson in terms of self-help.

Tony Robbins cuts to the chase: positive thinking.

If you’re thinking positive, you’re going to be a lot more ready to take on responsibility than you are if you’re all hecked up on pills and saying “I should find some responsibility.” Yes, obviously, Peterson’s basic idea of taking responsibility is true, and that probably is the biggest problem with millennials, who actually behave like very bad children or women.

But what problem does Peterson solve that Tony Robbins didn’t already solve?

Tony Robbins is a legit self-help guru.

Jordan Peterson is just a bumbling pillhead who occasionally references some study about lobsters that is interesting.