Was Kobe Killed by the Illuminati Because He was Looking for Satanic Ritual Sites?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2020

Never Forget: Kobe Bryant died trying to protect your children from satanic pedophiles.

Many people believe that Kobe Bryant, the famous basketball star and rape hoax survivor, was killed by the Illuminati.

You see, his helicopter crash was predicted by a cartoon show years before his death.

Why would the Illuminati want to kill him, you ask?

Well, probably because he survived a rape hoax.

It’s also possible, however, that Kobe was using his helicopter to scour the hills of California in search of satanic ritual sites, where children are sexually abused and sacrificed to Satan.

The fact that there are satanic ritual sites in the mountains of California was exposed by Ted Gunderson, the former Bureau Chief of the FBI in Los Angeles.

Gunderson did deep research into satanic ritual cults run by the CIA, including the Finders.

Recently, the FBI released some of their files on the Finders, and it seems to be a child kidnapping group run by the CIA.

Mister Metokur did two long videos breaking down what is in these files.

We also know of Rick Post, a private investigator who spent his life driving around the hills of California looking for satanic ritual sites.

Rick Post, Satan Hunter

Working out of San Diego, Rick found many satanic ritual sites in the California Hills.

Many such places

Unfortunately, Rick’s work was cut short when he was murdered and chopped up in Mexico, having been tortured for five days with pliers.

No worries, goyim. His girlfriend just had him tortured to death over money disagreements.

Why would Kobe Bryant be flying around looking for satanists, you ask?

Well, I don’t know – why else would he be flying around every day in a helicopter?

Maybe he just wanted to give back to the community by fighting against ritual satanism?

Perhaps he was concerned about satanists trying to target his own children?

Kobe Bryant was a father who no doubt wanted to protect his children from satanism.

I will surely ask you this:

If Kobe Bryant was not assassinated, then why does Google say he was assassinated?

This case proves once again that the Illuminati will stop at nothing to continue their rituals.

If only there were more men in this world with the bravery of Kobe Bryant, our children would be protected.