Was Biden Destroyed by the Impeachment Hoax or Were the Polls Faked?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

RT has been publishing some pretty great Alt-Lite tier op-eds lately.

They have one up about The Rise and Fall of Joe Biden by a former NYU professor, Michael Rectenwald, that argues that Biden was brought low by the focus that the impeachment brought upon his dirty dealings in the Ukraine.


The big news from Iowa’s caucuses is the abysmal finish for ex-VP Joe Biden. His 4th place is a sign that allegations of corruption, erratic campaigning, and disturbing glad-handing are doing real damage to his presidential bid.

The former vice president’s presidential primary campaign is in trouble. The national leader going into Iowa, the heir apparent is currently only coming in fourth, behind Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren, earning only 15.6 percent of the delegates (based on partial results published after lengthy delays).

The poor showing should be cause for alarm for the candidate who started Monday as the primary’s national leader — because it shows that even the massive advantage of having been Barack Obama’s presidential wingman can crumble under the combined weight of Biden’s multiple blunders.

Biden’s repeated campaign missteps and sundry foibles have surely factored into the primary’s outcome. One wondered when, if ever, the cantankerous and erratic candidate would finally hurt his chances. Would mistakes, poor judgment, and barely concealed scandals ever take their toll? The answer now appears to be yes.

The septuagenarian has issued string of insults and exhibited episodic aggression, erupting at the slightest challenges. His campaign stops have been riddled by a series of odd and questionable displays of affection, aimed at women and young girls. His tall tales have included nearly unintelligible anecdotes that serve no purpose. And his skirting of the potential Ukraine-Burisma scandal involving his son and possibly his own influence-peddling as VP surely hasn’t done him any good. Combined, these have apparently eroded his presidential image.

The article goes on to talk about the various problems that Biden has that make him such a “problem candidate,” including the whole Ukraine situation that has been brought to the spotlight by the impeachment hoax, and also all of the problems he had before that, including his touching and weird, unhinged public aggression.

Basically, however, there was nothing going on between when Biden was riding high in the polls and when the pollsters started reporting much lower numbers, other than the impeachment.

That is: there was no reason for voters to change their minds. Few people were watching the debates, and the debates were not horrible for Biden. None of his public appearances are any different than they were a few months ago, when he was riding high on the polls.

So if we trust the pollsters, the only explanation for his downfall was that the impeachment necessarily led to a focus on his dirty dealings in the Ukraine.

For those who haven’t followed the Ukraine scandal, this is the basic series of events:

  • Barack Obama’s State Department threw a coup in the Ukraine, funding terrorists to overthrow their elected government and replace it with a revolutionary Jewish government
  • Joe Biden’s son Hunter was put on the board of Burisma Holdings, an energy company registered in Cyprus which was set to exploit the resources that effectively changed hands during the revolution; the company was also involved in various other post-revolution criminality
  • Hunter Biden did not have any experience in the gas industry, or any experience in the Ukraine, and this was looked at as obvious corruption, where Burisma was buying access to the US President via the Vice President’s son
  • Burisma was subjected to a money-laundering investigation by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine
  • Joe Biden went to the Ukraine, multiple times, to lobby for the prosecutor investigating Burisma to be fired, allegedly threatening to withhold a loan if he wasn’t fired
  • The prosecutor was fired
  • A new president of the Ukraine was elected
  • Donald Trump called up the new president and asked him to reopen the investigation, as well as investigate Joe Biden’s role in getting the prosecutor fired
  • Donald Trump was impeached for asking this of the new president

Of course, no media was laying it out like that, save for probably Sean Hannity. But the simple fact that the impeachment was happening, and Trump wanting an investigation into Biden’s scandals was the impetus for it, meant that it had to be at least touched on.

Joe had to continually come out and say that he wasn’t a criminal, that his crackhead son isn’t a criminal (other than the obvious use of crack cocaine, which is illegal in America and I think all other countries, even ones that have decriminalized powdered cocaine).

This was an interview that took place just before Iowa did their weird process.

It was softballed, of course, but you still have the fact that this guy is in the middle of a scandal involving something as scummy as a crackhead son being used for influence peddling at a corrupt energy company in an ex-Soviet shithole.

So, if anything brought him low, it must have been the impeachment.

However, the other option is that the pollsters were simply lying. We know for a fact that they lied in 2016 about Trump, through the primaries and all the way up until election day. Major media people ended up having to issue apologies for lying to people. The publisher of the New York Times apologized for lying and then still ended up resigning. For publishing false information leading people to think Hillary Clinton was going to win.

Manipulating polls is a useful technique for manipulating an election. One might even call it “election meddling.” And given that all these people are Jews, and thus de facto citizens of the state of Israel, one could call it “election meddling by a foreign country.” Of course, no one will call it that, but they could.

The reason that poll manipulation is useful is that people want to believe they are on the winning side. It is a psychological phenomenon, which is relatively powerful. If people think they’re on the losing side, unless they are extremely committed for personal reasons, they will switch sides.

I think it is just as likely that this is what the pollsters were trying to do with Biden. They were claiming that he was going to be the winner to try to get more people to back the strong horse. Then, as we got closer to Iowa, pollsters because increasingly nervous that they were going to get caught out lying, and decided to start giving more accurate poll numbers, which correctly placed Bernie Sanders at the front of the pack.

This is to say: I’m not ready to believe that Biden was ever the frontrunner. This entire thing could have been a hoax.

If it wasn’t a hoax, his collapse was the fault of the Democrats for doing this stupid impeachment hoax that they knew for a fact would result in nothing other than making people angry.