Was Joe Biden’s Acceptance Speech a Deep Fake?

Joe Biden was actually coherent in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, leading many people to suggest it was a deep fake. The former Vice-President of America’s African Occupation Government, Biden has been suffering from crippling dementia.

The likelihood, however, is not that it was a deep fake, but rather that it was pre-filmed and streamed. The DNC is not live this year, because they claim there is a deadly virus killing everyone. It is easy enough to pump a senile old man full of drugs and force him through pain compliance to give a coherent twenty minute speech.

The speech was very tired gobbledygook, stale, vague Obama-era platitudes about “uniting the nation.” Talk about playing it safe. But the entire point was to see whether or not Biden could read a speech for twenty minutes without devolving into babbling gibberish, and he passed the test.

I enjoyed the part where he said he realized when he saw the Charlottesville rally that he had to rise up and stop white people from having rights. That was cute.


Who cares?

Tucker Carlson recently covered some of the things going on during the daytime at the DNC, and it’s straight-up kookery.

The DNC has trannies out the wazoo and they’re planning to “end capitalism.”

On Wednesday night, Barack Obama, leader of the deposed “African Occupation of America,” went hog wild and accused Donald Trump of doing everything.

His gorillaesque wife also went on an irate rampage, reporting from her mansion that she is being oppressed nonstop by the whites that she lords over.

That old bitch Hillary was there. She’s still an angry old bitch.

And of course, your future president gave her speech.

This sloppy wench from the music videos said that Trump is going to bring down all of us.

(I actually don’t mind that bitch to be perfectly frank with you, her videos are kind of good actually. I just don’t understand why she is so darn sloppy.)

The best moment of all, however, was when Sandy Cortez endorsed Bernard Sanders.

Sandy got a makeover and is looking real foxy.

I don’t know who Bernard Sanders is, but I support him. Sounds like he really believes in equality and so forth and so on.