Warren, The Last of The Mohicans to Officially Announce 2020 Presidential Comanche Run

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

This is real life now.

It’s time for America to go back to its roots.


Elizabeth Warren is expected to officially announce her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination on February 9.

The Massachusetts senator is telling supporters she’ll make a “BIG announcement” that day.

It’s time to make America truly great again, and the way to do that is to elect the people the American land actually belongs to. The people who have lived here since the world begansince time itself gave them this land.

This is Elizabeth Warren’s dream.

Hear her roar.

Do you see Elizabeth Warren singing there? Do you see?

What is it with white people romanticizing savages?

Soon I will be here no more
You’ll hear my tale
Through my blood
Through my people
And the eagle’s cry
The bear within will never lay to rest

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears

White man came
Saw the blessed land
We cared, you took
You fought, we lost
Not the war but an unfair fight
Sceneries painted beautiful in blood

Wandering on Horizon Road
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have lived since the world began
Since time itself gave us this land

Our souls will join again the wild
Our home in peace ‘n war ‘n death

Wandering on Horizon Road…
Following the trail of tears
Once we were here
Where we have been since the world began
Since time itself gave us this land

That song is better than everything produced by these savages ever added together.




Part of the reason fantasies about noble savages are so effective is because the Jews have removed the things we had, made us believe we never had them, and then displayed them in their portrayal of Indians and aboriginals and other savages through the media. Our people yearn for what they believe we never had but was actually taken away from us, and they’re made to believe they’ve killed the people that had this thing they want so much.

It pushes all the right buttons.

The white guilt button, the “where is my tribe?” button, the “I’m alienated and I don’t know any of these people I’m supposed to call neighbors” button, the “cities look like tombs” button, and so many other buttons.

There is nothing wrong with us. Everything we see wrong with our modern world we can fix. These things we think the Indians had, they really didn’t. We had them, and they were taken away one by one by the Jews until we ended up with this sepulchral reality where most people’s highest pursuits are expanding their Netflix knowledge and memorizing episodes of Friends.

We can change this.

Our forefathers faced the same enemies we face today, and they weren’t defeated. As long as we are alive, there is hope.

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