Warnings of a Boring Debate were Not Exaggerated

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2016


The Miami debate turned out to be as boring as we were warned it would be. But that’s good for Trump. He needs to make sure he gets the people who are too stupid to understand how smart he is on this Victory Train.

Full video is here.

If you haven’t watched it, I don’t really recommend it. I didn’t watch it live, went back and watched it on fast-forward (a useful YouTube feature implemented last year you should employ).

Cruz was as slimy as ever and as difficult to look at as ever. At one point he did appear to be swallowing an object of some type. He shilled hard for Israel and China (really for multi-national corporations who benefit from bad trade deals with China). Interestingly, Rafael spoke against a brokered convention, which is funny, as there is zero chance he is going to win the most delegates, even if Trump doesn’t get the needed 1,237.

Rubio was boring. He should have made dick jokes. He is going to lose Florida.


Kasich is really hardcore about starting wars everywhere. Of the six remaining candidates, he is second only to Hillary in his deranged, violent rhetoric. He said he wants a war against Russia in the Ukraine, which virtually no Americans support or are even thinking about at all. Bizarrely, he also said – when supporting the Moslems – that Turkey, the great ally, should have been allowed in the EU a long time ago.

Trump said some great things. He stood by his statement that “Islam hates us,” refusing to redact it into “radical Islam hates us,” forcing the rest of the people on stage to say they love most Moslems. The actual fact is that there is no difference between “Sunni Islam” and “terrorism.” Cruz and the gang like Sunni Islam for the same reason the Jews do: because they stand against Shia Islam, which is best Islam.

Trump’s pro-Israel statements are of course offensive, but they’ve put him in a position where if he keeps forcefully saying “I’m neutral” – which I believe is his actual position – he will be stumped by the evangelical cuckolds.

Trump also mentioned that Magic Ben will be endorsing him today. This is funny. Strategic move, obviously – get some of those evangelicals. Not sure what type of position he’ll be getting in the government since he has no experience whatsoever doing anything.

Basically, any achievements of a populist, pro-White political paradigm are based on navigating around evangelical Christianity. Once we navigate it, however, we can reinstall basic common sense, getting rid of this emotional nonsense.

I’m glad Donald did the “Presidential” presentation last night. It was a very good move. Boring as hell though.

Ann Coulter did fact-checking throughout. Amazing the way these people lie.