Warlike Democrat Jew Group Buys $700,000 in Ads Against Peaceful Communist Bernie Sanders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2020

I’m confused.

I was told by the Israeli Jews that all support for Israel is the result of evangelical Zionists lobbying the government.

But now I’m finding out that the Democrats have their own Israeli groups that lobby in support of an Israeli agenda in the Democrat Party.

How can both things be true?


A pro-Israel Democratic super PAC is launching a new television ad on Wednesday in Iowa that questions Sen. Bernie Sanders’ electability and raises the specter of his health following a heart attack last fall.

The 30-second spot, which will run throughout the week, comes in response to Sanders’ rise in the polls and marks a late acknowledgement from some within the Democratic establishment that the Vermont senator is a legitimate contender for the party’s nomination in 2020.

The Democratic Majority for Israel’s political arm is spending $681,000 on the ad, which features a string of voters expressing concerns over Sanders’ general election prospects and health. It does not address Israel or Sanders’ foreign policy positions.

Yeah, selling “war for Israel” to the average Democrat is still a lot harder than selling it to the average Republican.

You gotta give the Democrats that.

So instead Jews hide their warmongering agenda with “oh, we’re just concerned about the peaceful communist’s health, goyim.”

“I do have some concerns about Bernie Sanders’ health considering the fact that he did have a heart attack,” one of the Iowans featured in the ad says. Another suggests that, while he likes Sanders, voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Iowa are “not going to vote for a socialist.”

Sanders was hospitalized for more than two days after he suffered a heart attack in October while on the campaign trail. He had two stents inserted after doctors found an arterial blockage.

Sanders campaign co-chair Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, tweeted out a blistering response to the ad late Tuesday, saying the focus on Sanders’ health crossed a line.

In an interview Tuesday night, DMFI president Mark Mellman said the group was moved to put hundreds of thousands of dollars behind the ad in an effort to blunt Sanders’ momentum in Iowa and other early states.

“I think for many months now, the consensus has been that he really didn’t have much of a chance at winning the nomination,” Mellman said. “We looked at the situation a couple of weeks ago and decided that assumption was no longer valid — that he really does have a chance to win the nomination. And we thought that would be bad for Democrats, in terms of our ability to defeat Donald Trump, and bad for the issues that we care about.”

The issues being “wars with every country in the Middle East in the name of the security and prosperity of the Jews.”

Mellman also criticized Sanders for his past statements about Israel and on a number of policy positions, including the question of whether to maintain Obama-era levels of aid to Israel.

Asked if DMFI would commit to backing Sanders if he won the nomination, the group’s communications director, Rachel Rosen, did not offer a direct response.

“We don’t expect that to happen,” Rosen said. “But we are unalterably opposed to Donald Trump and his policies.”

Sanders, in a video posted to Twitter later in the day, personally denounced the escalating efforts to oppose him in Iowa.

The big money interest can run all the negative ads they want, but it’s not going to work,” Sanders said. “The people in Iowa, and across America are sick and tired of status quo politics, and they want a government that will work for all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors.”


Jews are “big money interests” seeking to change the outcome of elections, Bernie?

That is pure anti-Semitism.


Bernie is the anti-Jew candidate this round, while Trump has become the most aggressively pro-Jewish figure ever in American history.

Furthermore, the Jewish system has already figured out how to manage Donald Trump, whereas if Bernie were to win, they would have to come up with another new strategy of managing another type of populist.

That having been said, it is not particularly likely that a Sanders presidency would be of much benefit to white people, given that he has cucked out on most of his good policies, and has even gone so far as to entertain all of this identity politics nonsense, which he had previously taken a very hard line against.

Looking at Trump and Bernie, it is hard to say who would be less bad for the people of this country.

However, I will be glad to see Bernie as the nominee, and see Donald Trump forced to answer for his Jewish war agenda.