War, What is it Good For?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2018

Wars can be beneficial to a nation in extreme cases. They really focus a nation, as ideology goes out the window and everyone goes into “what works” mode.

See, war is the real truth bringer. You can continue doing your bullshit for a long time. But eventually, war exposes the holes in your ideology, the fracture points in your society, the weak spot the politicians put a band-aid over.

Think of the Soviet Union during WWII. Officers were returned from Siberian exile, the Orthodox church was revived – if only temporarily, and nationalism had its brief moment in the sun.

Almost as if, idk, a healthy religion, love for one’s homeland and a competent officer corps are necessary to be able to fight wars…

So let’s take a look at two countries: the US and Russia, and compare.

Now, what has the US been doing the last decade?

Das right, they’ve been stuffing their officer corps full of diversity hires, fags and women.

The competent officers have been leaving. Only the careerists remain. And just like the USSR found out in the first months of WWII, political correct appointees do not make good soldiers. The American army is starting to look a lot like the unprepared, demoralized and paper tiger that the Soviet Army was at the beginning of WWII.

As for the religion of the troops…idk about that tbqh.

I know that during the Bush years, we had a bunch of evangelicals take up arms to LARP as crusaders in Iraq. But I’m not sure about the state of religiosity in the army now. If general society is an indicator, Christianity is being suppressed in the army as well and evil Christians persecuted in favor of Moslems and trannies.

So that’s a good sign. Making the people who would be willing to fight to the death for faith and fatherland feel disgruntled is a sure-fire winning strategy lol.

And finally, what is the state of American patriotism?

Well, it’s the same as it’s been for decades. 

People are alienated and having extreme difficulty associating their identity with a nation that has a government that is openly at war with its population. The people who dissociate the government from the nation don’t want to fight wars for Jews.

But there might still be a spirit of “America, FUCK YEAH,” I can’t really say.

I find it hard to believe that there would be high morale, given the shit soldiers have to do nowadays to appease the PC status quo.

But I concede that I’m not really sure.

What the US has going for it are its high-tech systems and huge resource advantages. The US likes to rely on new toys and out-gunning the enemy.

But if faced with an enemy able and willing to resist the shock and awe of the initial assault – like perhaps Iran – I think that the US army would lob everything it had at the enemy and then declare victory and retreat, regardless of the result.

That is to say, I don’t think a war will have the same splash of cold water effect on American society the same way that it did for the USSR and other countries in the past.

This is because there is still no real cost attached to believing the bullshit. 

There is no Russo-Persian army poised to invade the US, forcing Washington to create gulags for blacks and Mexicans and other subversives the way the USSR did with its disloyal ethnic minorities who joined Hitler.

Kind of like what FDR did to the Japs…

A bad example perhaps, but the point remains that the US doesn’t really need to defend itself in a life and death struggle against an armed enemy country and all these foreign adventures are elective…and totally because of the kikes.

If America lost half its army to a tactical nuke or something, then maybe we could talk. 

But otherwise, the wars that the US could see itself drift into during the coming months and years probably won’t have the shock-effect that forces a course-correct.

So the future looks bleak in that regard.

At this point, the only country that stands to benefit from a showdown with the US is Russia. For them, it is an existential threat – and that means they need to get their shit together…again.

Funny enough, if Russia makes it through this tough stretch, they may end up thanking NATO and ZOG. Serious wartime conditions mean that all of a sudden corruption, incompetence and liberal views will no longer be tolerated. Every resource needs to be bent towards preparing for the long haul ahead now. The fat will be cut, and the country may come out leaner and meaner by the middle of 2020.

America would need something really serious to force a recalibration. 

Living in the USA is really like living in a domed city.

Nothing from the outside can really touch America…all the problems come from within.