War on Men: 18-Year-Old Honor Student Could Get Life in Prison for Having Sex with Drunk Thot

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2017

No (((feminist))) will ever address the biggest war rape in history (Soviets against German women in WW2). They’re also silent about black-on-white actual rape. That’s because feminism is not about empowering women, it is about alienating white men so that white women can be raped by non-whites (as seen in Germany and Sweden).

That’s why when a (real or imagined) white man gets laid – off with his head!

Look at anti-white kike Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s campus rape hoax. Or recall the feigned outrage over Brock Turner, whose main “crime” was being inebriated and finger banging another inebriated woman that was making out with him. How issues are framed and the law is applied differs depending on your race and how badly Jews want to destroy it!

Now an 18-year-old white honor student could get life in prison over having sex with a 16-year-old female while both were drinking. No evidence of him drugging her drink or penetrating her against her will – at least none released to the public. Yet the Judenpresse is springing to action to try and prejudice the public against Ryan Stocker (the defendant), with the Huffington Post complaining that local media mentioned the girl in question was drunk.

Daily UV:

A senior honor roll student at Green Mountain Union High School is facing up to life in prison after authorities charged him on Tuesday with two counts of rape and suggested that additional similar charges may be forthcoming.

Ryan Stocker, 18, who has already been accepted to a college where he was planning to pursue a business major, will not attend the GMUHS graduation this Friday, his defense attorney told the court, and Stocker will also skip the remaining days of school in part because being there would place him within 300 feet of his putative victims.

During Tuesday afternoon’s hearing at the Windsor County Courthouse in downtown White River Junction, Stocker entered innocent pleas to two counts of felony sexual assault without consent, charges that in Vermont carry a minimum of three years in jail and a maximum potential penalty of up to life, if he were to be convicted.

Ludlow Police Detective Sgt. Richard King wrote in an affidavit filed with the court that a 16-year-old girl came forward to authorities in October and reported that she thought she had been sexually assaulted by Stocker after she got drunk and spent the night with several teens at a mutual acquaintance’s house in Ludlow.

The girl told investigators that she remembered drinking several beers, throwing up and being “extremely drowsy” and getting into a bed with her clothes on, the detective recounted.

“She woke the following morning very disoriented and confused” to find Stocker in bed with her, the affidavit continued, and she told police that Stocker explained to her “we had sex” and “acted like it was no big deal.”

The teen told police “she felt like she was on drugs” as she gathered up her clothing and possessions before leaving the gathering.

Chester Police Officer Andrew Brothers described a similar incident that allegedly took place in May of this year where an 18-year-old student initially contacted the Guidance Office at the high school and told school officials that she thought Stocker had sexually taken advantage of her after she had been drinking at a party with several high school and college students.

Officer Brothers said that when he interviewed Stocker about that allegation Stocker allegedly explained that he and the girl both had initiated a sexual encounter “mutually” but then halted when she changed her mind midway through it.

Although the teen told police she had a limited recollection of what happened, she stressed that “she was not okay” with the parts she did remember clearly of the alleged sexual activity.

The judge noted reports by the investigators that they were following up on additional allegations of similar behavior by Stocker, which in one case reportedly involved a female as young as fifteen. The judge said from the bench that if any of those rumors were to in fact result in additional charges she could reconsider her decision as to pre-trial detention.

The key here is reading between the lines in the female in question’s complaint. A person who has been sexually assaulted will usually have telltale signs picked up by a “rape kit,” like vaginal lacerations – no mention of it here, probably because the test came up negative.

But all we have here is a woman who “thinks” she was “sexually taken advantage of” but admits she doesn’t really remember what happened because she was drinking.

There are other questions that remain unanswered: did she have a boyfriend at the time (women will lie about rape when they are caught cheating)? Did witnesses see her making out with the defendant? Has she been tested for Borderline Personality Disorder or any other mental illness common in modern women?

Being sexually taken advantage of is not rape. Being drunk does not take away your legal power to reason either. Try making that stupid argument in court when you get into your car wasted and run somebody over.

According to this new definition of rape, if I get black out drunk and wake up next to a Lena Dunham lookalike, I could technically go file a police report for sexual assault!

If the system was really so concerned about women having casual sex with men while under the influence, they could ban women from bars, fine women for drinking alcohol, put them in a chastity belt. That’s what an honest approach to women making bad decisions they regret would be.

Instead, Ryan Stocker’s life has already been ruined by this accusation. What was once a promising student with a bright future is now fighting to save his life for drinking a few and taking up a thot on her offer for sex.

Confusion and contradiction is the goal. Sex is thrown in your face at all times in all situations, yet at the same time, rape laws become more and more absurd.

There are so many traps to avoid; so many mines and unpredictable situations make a straightfoward path impossible in the modern world. Is there any wonder why young men are so anxious and are dropping out of society?