War It is Then! Canada Fails to Meet Duterte’s Trash Demands!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

Prepare the flotilla and set sail!


Manila has recalled its diplomats from Canada after Ottawa failed to reclaim truckloads of garbage that was dumped in the Philippines years ago. The move came after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened war if nothing changed.

Foreign secretary of the South Asian nation, Teodoro Locsin Jr, wrote on Twitter that until the North American state takes back its trash, the Philippines “shall maintain a diminished diplomatic presence in Canada.”

Duterte is taking the necessary next steps towards declaring total war on Canada. He is doing this because the Canadians are disgusting animals who cannot pick up after themselves.

Gentle reminder: the Canadians are the people who have an entire lifestyle based on condemning the US for not being as green and socialist and retarded as they are. The irony of ironies – it turns out that they were actually just dumping their trash in the Third World and feeling smug about it. They also thought that no one would ever find out about it.

Typical Canuck trickery.

A Canadian company illegally dumped more than 100 containers of trash in the Philippines between 2013 and 2014. The Canadian government took the responsibility of shipping the trash back, but failed to meet the deadline.

The trash row intensified last month when Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte threatened Ottawa with war.

“They have been sending their trash to us. Well, not this time. We will quarrel with each other. So what if we quarrel with Canada? We’ll declare war against them, we can beat them,” he said.

Fact check: TRUE.

Canada would unironically be better under Duterte’s rule than under the disastrous Trudeau government.

The Canadian people would welcome their liberators with open arms.

Because Saint Duterte comes in peace, to instill ecologically-responsible values into Canada’s governance policies and to rid them of the dreaded homo plague, of course.

I, for one, think the Canadians should accept their Filipino overlords.

It couldn’t possibly worse under Duterte than it is now.