WaPo’s Fake News Writer Craig Timberg Pens New Piece “Exposing” Fake News

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2017

Hi goys my name is Craig Timberg. You can trust me, I’m God’s chosen people.

The Washington Post – more popularly known as the Washington Compost – is managed by some very stupid people. I hate to state the obvious, but I feel it is worth emphasizing.

They allowed their Jew writer Craig Timberg to pen a new piece “exposing” fake news.

Washington Post:

Campaigns to manipulate public opinion through false or misleading social media postings have become standard political practice across much of the world, with information ministries, specialized military units and political operatives shaping the flow of information in dozens of countries, a British research group reported Monday.

These propaganda efforts exploit every social media platform — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond — and rely on human users and computerized “bots” that can dramatically amplify the power of disinformation campaigns by automating the process of preparing and delivering posts. Bots interact with human users and also with other bots.

Bot on bot action.


Though most social media platforms are designed and run by corporations based the United States, the platforms are infiltrated almost immediately upon their release to the public by a range of international actors skilled at using information to advance political agendas, within their own countries and beyond, said the researchers from Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Research Project.

“The government propaganda evolved with social media and has grown along with it,” said Philip N. Howard, an Oxford professor and co-author of the report, called “Troops, Trolls and Troublemakers: A Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation.”

At least they cite Oxford this time rather than some random blog they probably wrote themselves.

This comes after he wrote a piece last November falsely claiming that over 200 alternative news sites including the Daily Stormer were part of a Russian conspiracy to spread fake news. They eventually had to admit that they couldn’t vouch for the information’s accuracy.

I get that people make mistakes, but his article was a deliberate attempt to deceive people. It was not a simple mistake. It became a mistake when they got caught.

So here they have a writer who was exposed producing fake news writing a new article claiming to expose fake news. Do they not think that people would see a credibility issue with this? And after all the fake news memes, do they really think it is smart trying to rehash this subject?

Besides, governments have used propaganda campaigns for a wide variety of purposes since the advent of government. His story is hardly newsworthy. It’s about as interesting as writing an article on how the sun rises in the morning.

What is newsworthy however is how we have large billion dollar media enterprises run by Jews spreading fake news in order to subvert the United States government. Now that is a real news story. It is also a vastly under reported one.

You can send him the scoop @craigtimberg.