WaPo Whines That the Chinese Banned Them

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2019

The media is utterly and completely obsessed with banning absolutely any form of media that they do not control. They just banned Steven Crowder, who only has maybe a 15% rate of disagreement with them. He supports their wars, their Israel, their multiculturalist and multiracialist state. But he called one of their people a “queer,” so the hammer had to be brought down on him.

They used that situation to ban a whole bunch of other people.

But if China bans them – then how dare those gooks?

There is really nothing more insane than the media complaining about anyone censoring anything.

It is peak Clown World.

Washington Post:

Websites of The Washington Post and the Guardian appear to now be blocked in China as the country’s government further tightens its so-called “Great Firewall” censorship apparatus as it navigates a politically sensitive period.

Until this weekend, The Post and the Guardian were among the last few major English-language outlets that were still regularly accessible from mainland China without the use of virtual private networking software, according to the censorship tracker Greatfire.org.

Chinese Internet authorities have gone into overdrive in recent weeks ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre on June 4, 1989, prohibiting users on the popular WeChat social media service to post keywords or pictures related to the event.

All but the most oblique references to the incident were immediately scrubbed, and, during the days around the anniversary, users complained about not even being able to access the function to change their avatars.

Every language edition of Wikipedia was fully banned in mid-May. A CNN reporter said the network’s website was blocked again this week shortly after CNN.com ran a top story commemorating the 1989 event.

Chinese authorities have said their censorship practices are a matter of the country’s “Internet sovereignty” and not negotiable with foreign governments. But its officials have gone further in recent years, not only defending their approach to censorship but touting its successes as a model that authoritarian governments around the world could also adopt.

Well, the US has already adopted it!

Except that the US doesn’t ban foreigners trying to meddle in our domestic politics – they ban patriotic Americans who complain about the behavior of our alien (JEWISH) ruling elite transforming our country into a godless, homosexual, multiracial hellscape!

The mainstream Western media is a criminal gang, and they need to be prosecuted. They not only attempt to stage coups in other countries, they have tried to stage a coup in America. The entire Russia hoax was not simply a bunch of Jews lying to try to confuse people, it was a seditious attempt to overthrow the government, and they should be prosecuted for it.

Yet they claim that it is their free speech to organize a conspiracy to overthrow the US government while claiming that calling someone a “queer” is not free speech.

This is all just ridiculous and it is “just go ahead and pull my fingernails out” tedious to even try to talk about.

“Everyone who disagrees with us must be censored, down to randos on Twitter who don’t like trannies… but if anyone censors us, it is a crime against humanity.” t. the Jews

It’s mystifying.

No one knows how to react.

And they count on that.

It is all part of the “dazzle the goyim” strategy.