WaPo Tries to Hoax Readers with ADL “Hate Incident” Scam

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2019

“If the law didn’t say that I couldn’t kill the niggers they’d all be dead.” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE catch that California license plate at the end and tell me who she is and everything else.

Gepostet von Shaun King am Mittwoch, 25. September 2019

Yesterday, we reported on the hilarious incident wherein a woman had a fit in a CVS parking lot in Los Angeles after she got to the point where she simply could not handle these niggers anymore.

I also reported on the fact that local media said that the rant, wherein she used the n-word to refer to the niggers in the store many times, might be “criminal.”

We have a First Amendment in this country, so no speech is “criminal.” However, the Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli activist and lobbying group, has convinced various local police departments to treat speech that Jews do not like as a crime by filing a “hate incident report.” This is basically a criminal complaint for something that isn’t a crime. There is no other example of this in American law, and it was invented by these Jews for the purpose of confusing the goyim and making them believe that there is such thing as “speech crimes” in America.

The Washington Post embraced this Jewish hoax with their headline on the story on Friday.

Despite the fact that the headline claims “Police are investigating it as a ‘hate incident’,” the entire story only contains one paragraph about this alleged “investigation.”

Washington Post:

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to The Washington Post that it is investigating the episode, which reportedly occurred Tuesday at a CVS on the city’s Colorado Boulevard, as a “hate incident.” Police have not identified the woman in the video, although KTLA spoke to a neighbor who named her as a woman with a history of restraining orders.

The WaPo does not bother to tell you the fact that this cannot be a crime, because a “hate incident” has nothing to do with criminal activity or potential criminal charges. You would think that would be important, but it isn’t important to the WaPo, which is trying to trick you into believing it is illegal to say the word “nigger.”

I can believe that the local media was genuinely confused when hearing “police are investigating it as a hate incident,” and thus reported it wrongly. The WaPo is not confused. And notice that they don’t ever actually say that it’s a crime – so they technically are not lying.

The only way that what this woman did could be criminal is if she was charged with disturbing the peace or with threatening those blacks. But there was not a direct threat. And disturbing the peace would be a nonsense charge, because she left quickly.

It is NOT illegal to say the word “nigger,” and it probably never will be – because they can so easily destroy your life without it being illegal.

However, the Jewish-Israeli ADL wants you to believe it is illegal, and the police and the news media are all too eager to help them confuse you.