WaPo Says Aztecs are Submitting to the Vaxx Because of a Cartoon Grandma


Let’s just hope the negroes are not as soft-willed and moronic as the Aztecs.

Our colored shield of defense against the full vaxx agenda is crumbling before our eyes.

Washington Post:

Devora Guerrero, a coronavirus outreach volunteer in Montgomery County, Md., saw five family members, including her grandmother, get the virus last year. She herself tested positive in December – and despite it all, Guerrero was afraid to get the vaccine.

The 23-year-old’s friends had nearly convinced her that the vaccine was not safe – but then she met Abuelina.

This animated character commissioned by Montgomery County’s Latino Health Initiative (LHI), Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar, a community partner focused on reaching the Latino population, reminded Guerrero of her own abuela – a short, hard-working and wise Chilean 74-year-old grandmother.

Abuelina speaks with a Salvadoran accent, places her hands on her hips and reminds viewers to mask up, use hand sanitizer and get vaccinated.

Abuelina won Guerrero over. She eventually scheduled a vaccine appointment for herself, two of her friends, her stepfather who works as a warehouse worker and his seven co-workers.

“She’s everyone’s grandmother,” Guerrero said. “You doubt your mom, but not your grandmother. In the Latino community, grandmothers are wise and magical. We have a lot of respect for them and we know we should listen.”

Like for other communities of color, vaccination rates for Latino residents have lagged behind White residents across the country. Public health experts and local officials have sought out ways to reach this community that has been especially hard-hit by the pandemic, with many who work in front-line jobs, live in multigenerational houses and can be harder to reach due to language or other barriers.

These cartoons are surreal, degrading, postmodern, and outright offensive.

Welcome to the desert of the real, and so on.

I have no idea if the Aztecs are really getting vaxxed because of a cartoon grandma. Fundamentally, that sounds innately believable, but I’m not going to believe it simply because I read it in the lying Amazon Post.

What I do believe is this: we the unvaxxed are maintaining a shield of cynical and skeptical brown people. Although a certain portion of brown people can be oppressed under the current order, it is a numbers game, and if there are too many brown people refusing the vaxx, a hard vaxx policy will look like it is a crack down on brown people.

The system is, conversely, itching for a total crackdown on white people. The vaxx agenda is an excuse to attack the Trumpists, to wage a brutal social war against them under the guise of “science.”

What they are trying to do now, more than anything else, is get the majority of browns vaxxed, so that they can then confront the unvaxxed whites with open hostility. The problem with that is that many inner-city negroes believe that every white man – and especially every white woman – and to a lesser extent, every light-skinned or homosexual member of their own race, is an agent of Main Cop trying to catch them slipping so they can wipe them out and harvest their melanin as a geriatric agent and psychotropic chemical to increase their understanding of the ethereal realms.

To be fair, aside from the black delusions of grandeur as regards the belief that their bodies contain important elements that the whites are trying to harvest for satanic purposes, blacks are correct in the notion that whites have in fact used them for medical experimentation. We have full record of “The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” but it would be absurd to suggest that endless numbers of these studies were happening at the time and probably still are.

The Tuskegee Experiment did not end until 1972, and only then when a whistleblower complained to the press. What blacks are sharp enough to ascertain in their instinctive animal wisdom is that nothing about our current social or political order has changed fundamentally since 1972. There has been no paradigm shift within the establishment that would lead the general thrust of the establishment to move away from something such as, for example, medical experimentation on citizens.

In fact, the humanistic “greater good” ideology that justifies using human beings or negroes as guinea pigs for medical testing has only intensified in the last 5 decades, having more or less completely defeated Christianity, having pulled its teeth out one at a time. No priest or protestant preacher would sign-off on medical experimentation, the sacrifice of a handful of individuals for the sake of a larger social good, but it is unbelievable that any humanist would oppose it. In fact, the humanist ideology demands that individuals be continually sacrificed for the greater good.

At the top of the humanist order sits a social Darwinist illuminati, which holds a completely separate ideology, but one which is even more aggressive in its disdain for peasants, which it defines as “useless eaters.”

Middle class liberal white women and feminized, defeated, solipsistic men – the hedonistic, individualistic, boomer archetype – likely do not even vaguely grasp the ubiquitous reality that they exist amidst a series of overlapping and conflicting ideological structures, and yet, as a result of their unwarranted self-importance, they believe that they are somehow above getting welded onto the structure of the elite establishment. They believe that this order is somehow loyal to them. The idea that this establishment would betray them by coercing them into a lunatic gene therapy experiment under the pretext of a fake virus is as incomprehensible to them as the idea that Mick Jagger is a closeted homosexual.

The nigger on the other hand is much more savvy than the middle class white, being well aware of the fact that he is a nigger. For all of his delusions, he knows that he is and always will be the bottom rung of the society, and that he will always be viewed as disposable by the larger whole of society. He may embrace middle class white delusions of black supremacy, but he does so callously, as a way to exploit white guilt for his own ends (which are usually no more complex than a desire to loot the carry-out). If a nigger actually believed that “black lives matter,” he would be concerned about the thousands that die every year in totally mindless violent conflict on the streets of every major city in America.

Understanding his position in society, the black is fundamentally suspicious when the white man comes bearing gifts of salvation. They will resist the vaccine aggressively until a good enough offer comes along. Many have taken Joe Biden up on his $100 offer, not because their minds were changed as regards the diabolical intent of the needle, but because whatever it was that the whites were trying to do to them with this injection was not more important to them than $100.

Slowly but surely, these brown folks are being bought off. I don’t trust the official numbers, and view them as irrelevant, but we know as a matter of fact that this cushion of protection is thinning, steadily. In the near future, it will only be rightist whites resisting the injection, and then the mask will come off, and they will hunt us like animals.

We should be prepared for this inevitability, as it is coming sooner than later. Right now, they are running a brutal demonization campaign against the unvaxxed, which does not take into account the black resistance, and portrays all unvaxxed as radical white Republican terrorists who are plotting the return of Donald Trump.

The Big Squeeze is looming as the leaves begin to turn color, and a new lockdown emerges. The vaccine passport system will likely cause most of the remaining colored resisters to fold, and it will be the system against us.