WaPo: Russian Jew Calls Out Other Russian Jews, Demands ISIS Invasion of US

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2015


In yet another instance of Jews calling for mass Moslem immigration into America, The Washington Post has published a piece by Ilya Lozovsky, entitled “I’m a Russian-born American Jew. My people’s rejection of Syrian refugees breaks my heart.”

If you thought this headline was about Israel’s point-blank refusal to accept even a single refugee, you would be wrong. It’s about Russian Jews in America not being pro-ISIS enough.

From it:

I’ve never felt as helpless, indignant or exasperated with my people as I have as this debate has progressed. I’ve heard Syrian refugees described as savages, animals and roaches. I’ve seen Jews who I know have Holocaust survivors in their families, perhaps still living, use this language — the language, yes, of fascism — without any sense of self-awareness. As Jews, we ought to know, and feel viscerally in our guts and bones, which way that road lies.

This racism that is all too common among Jews of Soviet origin is a painful topic — seldom discussed openly, but commonly acknowledged. Current events have brought it to the surface. Many of my American Jewish friends have noted (in private) that Russian Jews, particularly older generations, seem, well, un-liberal. In Israel, too, the community of Soviet émigrés — a large and powerful block of voters — leans hard to the right.

So a Jew is calling out a specific, small sector of the Jewish population and demanding that they take the mainstream Jewish view on Syrian invasion?