WaPo Opens Front Page Article About Virginia Rally with “Charlottesville White Supremacists”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2020

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I have been seeing people claiming that Monday’s rally in Virginia will be “normie conservatives,” and that this means that the cops aren’t going to attack them and create a Charlottesville type situation.

However, it doesn’t matter who is at the rally. All that matters is who the media says is at the rally. And even before it has happened, the media has already totally settled on the idea that the rally will be filled with the same “White Supremacist Neo-Nazis” they claimed made up the entirety of the 2017 Charlottesville “Unite the Right” protest. And that these White Nazis are intent on starting a civil war.

Washington Post had this on the front page on Saturday:

The convoys and militias are coming, if social media posts are to be believed, headed to Virginia’s capital to take a stand for gun rights — or, in the words of some, to fan the flames of a civil war.

“I’ll be rolling into town early. I can’t give you my exact time for security reasons,” said Christian Yingling, head of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia and a leader at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

“I organized a convoy, places we can meet up and drive up together. I’ll be leading it,” said Tammy Lee, a militia activist in Oklahoma.

Both Lee and Yingling were members of groups that signed consent decrees never to return to Charlottesville while armed, part of a lawsuit settlement over the violence there. But there is no restriction against coming to Richmond.

On Thursday, the FBI arrested three alleged members of a white-supremacist group on gun charges, in part out of concern that they planned to attend the Richmond rally and incite violence.

If you’ve been at all associated with the right-wing over the last decade or so, you should be more than aware of the fact that what happens in any particular situation doesn’t really matter, at all – the only thing that matters is what narrative the media is able to form around a specific happening.

And the narrative around this happening has already been formed. It is already in the minds of everyone who pays attention to the media that the people going to Virginia on Monday for this rally are the same people who the media claims staged a terrorist attack on Charlottesville.

This narrative was formulated by Media Matters as the official media narrative on the event.

They cited 4chan threads which were either posted by feds or very funny trolls about how Overwatch Crazyhorse and CHEETAH are going to put snipers on the roof.

That will be the narrative, whatever happens at the event.

They will find people in some kind of Nazi costumes and they will interview Richard Spencer, who is planning to be there, and say that the rally is all Nazis.

Then anything that happens there will be blamed on white people.

And it looks like the cops are setting up for something to happen. They’re planning to herd everyone into a gigantic cage.

Outside the Capitol, authorities used tall chain-link barriers to create a pie-shaped pen for the rally. The area takes up about a third of Capitol Square, a manicured park dotted with monuments to historical figures ranging from Native Americans and George Washington to a segregationist governor and civil rights leaders. The monuments were protected with additional fencing, as was the Executive Mansion to the east.

The square is usually open on all sides to foot traffic. Under Northam’s emergency order, access is restricted to one spot, at Ninth and East Grace streets. Just inside that entrance, the crowd will be split into 17 lines for screening with metal detectors.

Anyone attempting to bring in weapons will be turned away, but police will not confiscate those items, officials have said. Demonstrators who do not want to part with their guns may remain armed on city streets. Authorities say they will cut off admission to the rally once the crowd hits a certain number, which they have declined to disclose.

So: one way in and no way out.

And of course, there will be an extreme and militarized police presence, probably also with National Guard troops.

You’ll be locked in a cage, surrounded by both the military and armed militia crazies on the street in order to… to do whatever it is you people think this rally is supposed to do.

Voice your democratic freedoms? I guess?

These Rallies are the Most Retarded Thing

What is the point of this rally?

What is the point of any rally?

The reason these gun laws are being passed in Virginia is that Virginia is now a Democrat state, as a result of immigration. Democrats always pass gun control laws, and they’re legally allowed to do that, according to the Supreme Court. 

There is nothing to protest here. The governor is simply doing what he was elected by women and brown people to do.

Who invented this idea of protests for political change?

I don’t know, but the basic idea would presumably be traced back to socialist labor unions in the 19th century.

It seems that most right-wingers doing it are inspired by the 1960s marches.

And what happened with that?

Well, Martin Luther King, Jr. very successfully marched on Washington in 1963, giving his celebrated “Bitch I is did a dream mothafocka” speech.

This was celebrated by the entire establishment.

And where are black people now?

They have virtually no political power at all.

They are 10x poorer, less educated, less employed and more of their kids are born out of wedlock than when these marches happened. They live in disgusting ghettoes smoking crack.

And how about the largest protest movement of the 21st century, Occupy Wall Street?

How did that turn out?

Did a bunch of people standing around in the street yelling result in the banking industry being forced to change the way it operates?

No. It didn’t result in anything. Just as no protest ever results in anything.

And understand: banks are universally hated by both left and right. If any protest movement was ever going to result in something, it would have been this one.

This is because a successful protest movement does not magically turn into political power. What results in political power is the seeking of political power.

This is why you don’t see Jews out marching for Jewish Supremacy. Instead, Jews invade the political and financial establishment and dominate all of the nation’s institutions.

If you want to win a political struggle, you have to get into politics. And you don’t do that by going to some lunatic armed march against the Virginia electorate. You do that by actively engaging in politics.

You do it by building up good faith in a community, running for some local government office, then getting a higher office. That is to say: you gain political power by engaging in politics.

A shocking revelation, I’m sure.