WaPo: “Let Me Tell You About the Russian Conspiracy Behind Cheeseburgers, Goy”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

Do you like burgers? Well, according to new research by WaPo, you’re a Russian shill.

As you know, The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, but it is run by Jews.

The Jews that run the paper don’t ever attack Bezos. And he uses the paper to push various agendas that are good for business. But you have to wonder if some of this content isn’t unhelpful to him.

Attacking Russia is an explicitly Jewish agenda. They hate Russia as much as they hate ancient Rome. It’s a vitriolic, atavistic hatred that leads them to see evil Russian conspiracies behind hamburgers.

But Russia is a big country. It’s not rich, but it’s not poor. You’d think Bezos would want access to this market. Amazon does not currently operate there. How is this ancient hatred of the Jews towards these people not a liability for Bezos?

Jeff Bezos would not lose money by not owning a paper that prints all of this insane warmongering conspiracy gibberish.


There is no food so quintessentially American as hamburgers, which of course makes them a perfect target for disparagement by the woke clickbait media. The newest twist is that they have a ‘hidden Russia connection.’

“Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection”: That is how the Washington Post Magazine chose to spin its most recent article about the humble ground meat patty sandwich, which delves into the history of the Soviet cousin of hamburgers. More on that in a minute, however.

The Post tweet about the story was widely seen as being in bad taste, with a ratio of 1,300 replies to 250 retweets and likes combined, within two hours of being posted.

Most of the replies mocked the paper for continuing to beat the “Russiagate” horse that has already been clobbered to death – if not by the report of special counsel Robert Mueller, then by his congressional testimony last week. The Post’s reporting on the subject has already earned the paper widespread scorn.

The article itself, written by Deena Prichep, a Portland-based journalist and co-author of a Russian cookbook, brings up the story of how Anastas Mikoyan, the Soviet food minister, visited the US in 1936 and brought home the machines for making hamburgers, which quickly became popular in the Soviet Union as “Mikoyan cutlets.”

Deena Prichep:

Yes, of course she’s Jewish.

Though the original patties produced by Mikoyan’s machines were identical to their American cousins, it didn’t take them long to evolve into something distinct. They incorporated bread crumbs like a meatloaf, and were served on a plate – not in a bun – and eaten with a knife and fork. Even their shape changed from round to elongated, with tapered ends.

There is no evidence that the current US president ever encountered a Mikoyan cutlet. He is, however, very fond of the good old American hamburgers – or “hamberders,” as he once notably misspelled it.

Just imagine it.

Nevermind the senile, confused and inherent Robert Mueller. Keep your eyes on the real facts from the experts: The Trump-Russia connection is hamburgers, goy. 

Though many people are upset that Trump has decided to never do any single policy, along with making a lot of hilarious racist memes, The President is also driving these Jews completely insane.

Just think of how this got printed.

A Russian Jew submitted an article about how the Big Orange Goy could be connected to Russia through hamburgers, and the Jewish editors of the WaPo said “yeah, this checks out – print it.”

Seriously, does Bezos read this crap?

Because his name is all over all of it.