WaPo Kikes Moan as Migrants Who Don’t Want to Wait at Border Go Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

Finally some good news this week as the Washington Post is whining about how migrants don’t want to wait too long at the border so they’re just going home.

WaPo is bemoaning the fact that it is literally so terrible and Holocaust-like to be told you are going to have to wait several months before you’re allowed into the land of free everything that you would rather just go home and be murdered to death by gangs you are fleeing.

Washington Post:

Nelmy Ponce and her three children are tired of sleeping on the ground, rain or shine. They’ve had enough of the insults — passersby screaming “pigs!” at them — just because they’re foreigners.

When they first joined, the migrant caravan seemed like a way to escape the precariousness of living amid Honduran gangsters. Now she says it feels like its own kind of purgatory, with no chance to apply for asylum in the United States anytime soon.

“God is telling me to return home,” Ponce said.

And so Ponce, a 46-year-old taco vendor, and her three children on Wednesday sat in plastic chairs under a small tent advertising an option some of the most desperate here are now considering: “assisted voluntary return.”

For migrants who spent two months walking and hitchhiking through Central America and Mexico, it is a dramatic reversal, a sign of how poor the conditions are here, and how surprised some families are when they learn details about the lengthy U.S. asylum process.

“They make the decision for a variety of reasons,” said Ivonne Aguirre, a program coordinator with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is assisting migrants with returning home. “Some have sick relatives, some miss their families, some are surprised by the conditions here, which are not what they imagined.

Yeah, I’ll bet it’s a surprise.

I can almost go full-cuck and empathize with these people. A bunch of Jews went down there and told them they could leave their shitty country and get free everything by just riding buses up to America, and then when they got there it turned out this was not the case, and they were simply being used as weapons in a Holy Race Crusade against the Evil White Man and their Very, Very, Very Bad Orange Leader.

It’s a real narrative collapse that the allegedly most vulnerable in this group – a poor mother who was “escaping gangsters” would rather go home and… die, I guess… than wait to apply for asylum.

Also, she doesn’t want to stay in Mexico, even though that is a safe country by comparison, and Mexico has already offered all of these people asylum.

Also extremely problematic is the part in the lede where we’re told that Mexicans are screaming “pigs!” at them “just because they’re foreigners.”

Because I was explicitly told by the WaPo on millions of separate occasions that “racism” was literally the only reason that you would not want other people to march into your country. Now it seems that people who are of more or less the exact same race as you can hate you because you’re a foreigner.

That is all sorts of problematic, as it implies that Americans who don’t want to be flooded with people from a different country may have some motive other than “hatred for the color of the skin.”

I guess they could try to claim that Mexicans are vaguely more white than Hondurans, and so driven to hatred by those white genes. But that opens up a whole can of worms where you would then have to start classifying mulattoes in America as “partaking in white supremacy” because of their white genetics.

People in the heavily-moderated WaPo comments section were not feeling all too empathetic.

Of the first 20 or so, there was only one sympathetic commenter, and she comments to attack other commenters but says she doesn’t think they’re necessarily racist but just mean for not accepting the narrative.

If the WaPo can’t get people to agree with them on their own heavily-moderated comments section, they’ve got a very serious problem.

Basically, no one agrees with any of this crap other than idiot boomers who can’t use the internet, a minority elite educated class, a handful of the mentally unsound and some stupid childless whores. The rest of the votes all come from brown people.

I don’t know, I don’t live in America, but everyone I talk to there who doesn’t live in a liberal coastal city says they’ve never even met anyone who agrees with any of this kooky shit in the media, and they believe it is a completely manufactured, fake reality.

Here’s one for all the double-pregnant Honduran women going home to get murdered to death by gangs: