WaPo Feminist Harpy Infuriated by Mike Pence’s Sexual Morality

Daily Stormer
March 31, 2017

Not being a pervert gives you more power than you could ever imagine.

The entire basis of feminism is to allow women to use their natural advantage, sex, in order to manipulate men, while denying men their own natural advantage, a strong backhand, to defend themselves.

Initially, some feminists were arguing for “free love” or whatever. But that quickly changed into doing anything they could to gain control over men.

So the very idea that men could start resisting their plots makes them angry and panicked.

Laura Turner writes in The Washington Post:

Recently, a Washington Post article about second lady Karen Pence has brought the Billy Graham Rule back into the public eye. The article cites a 2002 interview with Vice President Pence — who has called himself an “evangelical Catholic” — saying that he “never eats alone with a woman other than his wife,” and that he doesn’t attend events serving alcohol unless she is with him as well. This will, no doubt, sound strange to the uninitiated. The Onion parodied the story with the headline, “Mike Pence Asks Waiter To Remove Mrs. Butterworth From Table Until Wife Arrives.” It is strange, as are many religious practices, and strange isn’t necessarily bad.

First, as an aside, an important question.

What the hell happened to The Onion? I remember it being really funny, and even politically incorrect. Now it’s all SJW stuff.

Did it get purchased by kikes Grabblers?

The impulse that led to the Billy Graham Rule — which was actually a solidification of principles guarding against several kinds of temptation — is a good and honorable one: to remain faithful to one’s spouse and to avoid the kind of behavior (or rumors of behavior) that have destroyed the careers of church leaders. Evangelical pastors having affairs is so common as to almost be cliche, and damages the integrity of the church.

But good intentions do not always produce helpful consequences. In this case, the Billy Graham Rule risks reducing women to sexual temptations, objects, things to be avoided. It perpetuates an old boys’ club mentality, excluding women from important work and career conversations simply by virtue of their sex.

Talk about victim-blaming.

Vicious harpies are constantly preying on men in order to ruin their careers, and when men decide to defend themselves, you blame them for it? Tsk tsk tsk.

Abdul knows what’s up.

This bitch is so self-absorbed, that she doesn’t see a problem with the fact that men feel the need to protect their honor like this, and can only think about her fellow “womyn.”

It also fuels the myth that loads of women are waiting around to falsely accuse powerful men of rape, a situation that has occurred, but is rare and often used to discount real sexual trauma.


Considering that any woman can ruin any man’s life arbitrarily by accusing him of rape without evidence, that’s a pretty bold claim. And considering the vast amounts of documented cases of rape hoaxes, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not rare by any means.

The Billy Graham Rule also denies the reality of LGBT people. As a friend pointed out to me: Should a bisexual person refuse to ever be alone with anyone, full stop? Should a male pastor refuse to meet one-on-one with a gay man? As with so many policies in the evangelical church, the Billy Graham Rule assumes heteronormativity, furthering the idea that people who are LGBT are people “out there,” not an essential part of the church.

You know what, that’s a great point. If there’s a bunch of faggots out there, it’s casting a shadow of suspicion on everyone, and it prevents the possibility of healthy social interactions.

The solution is obviously to drown them all in bogs.

In any case, the reality is that following the “Billy Graham rule” as a vice president makes more sense than ever. You can be sure that the Jews are already plotting a thousand ways to ensnare people from the Trump administration in various scandals.

No one of any importance should ever be allowed to be in the company of a strange woman without witnesses – and even then, the meetings should be filmed for good measure.

If some feminist slut thinks she’s going to bring down the Trump administration with a stupid rape hoax, she’ll have another thing coming.