WaPo Does Front Page Story on Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2016


The Washington Post has done another front page story on the Alt-Right following the appointment of Breitart’s Steve Bannon as head of the Trump campaign. It’s entitled “‘Racialists’ are cheered by Trump’s latest strategy.”

The article is long and boring. Basically, the message is that Trump has fully embraced the Alt-Right by appointing Bannon.

It’s more “Trump is a racist, blah blah blah.”

They do the same thing that most of these articles do, trying to tie the movement back to Pat Buchanan, which is pretty well just a lie. Most of us would agree with most of what Buchanan says, but pointing to him as an inspiration for this movement is factually wrong. The Alt-Right is at its core a reactionary movement. Its ideology has been formed as a reaction, not as a continuation of an established school of thought. Obviously, influences and understandings have been drawn from previous movements, though a lot more has been drawn from Hitler than Buchanan.

The most important takeaway from the article, for me, was that three people from the movement were mentioned – Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer and Peter Brimelow, who run Amren, Radix Journal and VDARE, respectively – while we here at the Daily Stormer have more traffic than all three of these sites combined.

Here are some of those number.

daily-stormer_522daily-stormer_523 daily-stormer_530daily-stormer_531

I don’t mention this to brag, but because I believe it is relevant to the way the media is dealing with the Alt-Right.

Because what’s more, The Right Stuff has more traffic than two of the three sites mentioned (and is about to surpass AmRen), and they didn’t get a mention either.


Note: All numbers from Similar Web. My own numbers show we had 3.1 million uniques last month, rather than 1.9, so the rest of the sites possibly/probably also have 1/3rd higher numbers than those shown. 

And of course, they talk a lot about Milo (which at least makes sense in terms of traffic).

I have no issues with Taylor, Spencer or Brimelow, but it isn’t difficult to figure out the difference between the websites of these three individuals and DS and TRS – the latter talk about the Jews, while the former do not.

Meanwhile, the article mentions the Alt-Right presence on Twitter and Reddit:

Although there is no data gauging the size of the alt-right, its adherents point to Trump’s primary victories as proof that their ideas have been winning. They are so active on social media, from Twitter to Reddit, that critics are beginning to feel overwhelmed.

This is in the context of putting up the three mentioned sites as the representatives of the Alt-Right, while we all know that DS and TRS (along with /pol/, which also remained unmentioned in the article) are the sources of the Alt-Right presence on social media.


Part of that is because our followers are younger and more active on these platforms, and part of it is simply that we have so many more followers.

We have also aggressively pushed for a take-no-prisoners campaign against the media, based on direct confrontation of journalists, which is something no one else has ever done before. This is what has led to “critics” feeling “overwhelmed.”

The entire engine of the rising Alt-Right – the generator of its energy – is angry disenfranchised youth who have been drawn to troll culture, period. None of this has been based on intellectual arguments, per se. That is simply a fact.

A Narrative Co-opted?

What I am seeing – and I could be wrong – is that the mainstream Jew media sees the rising Alt-Right, realizes it can’t be squashed, and so is attempting to pull out elements that they understand and feel they can guide.

Most importantly, they want to avoid the Jew issue at all costs.

Milo himself is Jewish, as well as a homosexual, which is why the media continually refers to him as “the leader of the Alt-Right.” Most people in the movement are not comfortable with homosexuals, and I think virtually no one is comfortable with Jews.


Here’s your Nazi leader, goyim. A faggot Jew who talks nonstop about Black dick. 

Jared Taylor has said that Jews “look Huwhite” and both he and Richard Spencer allow Jews at their conferences. Brimelow’s VDARE is in a different league, in that it publishes Kevin MacDonald’s articles and does not actively endorse the Jews.

However, the overwhelming majority of people in the movement are either literally Nazis or basically Nazis. And yet, fringe figures that many of our readers probably haven’t ever even heard of are being promoted as faces of the movement, while a manufactured Jew is presented as its leader.

The nerve of promoting a Jew as the head of the Nazi movement is mind-boggling.

The guiding principle of the movement has to be Antisemitism, or we are doomed.

You can run around in circles forever talking about Black crime statistics and the IQ of immigrants, but unless you strike at the root of these problems, which is Jewish influence on White society, you will never get anywhere.

We have to stop these kikes.


Just for the record here, I want to say that I genuinely believe that those mentioned who don’t talk about Jews have the best intentions, and I don’t mean to appear as though I’m being overly critical or downplaying the work that they’ve done. I can personally accept that they either aren’t aware of the Jewish influence or believe it is strategically beneficial not to talk about it.