WaPo: Brewing War Between Kushner and Miller Over Immigration Flood!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2019

The media is burying the Kushner, Inc. book. But the truth of it is spilling over into their headlines every day.

They are just openly admitting that Jared’s entire purpose in the White House is to thwart Trump’s agenda.

Stephen Miller – the only man in the White House who actually believes in the promises of the Trump campaign – presently has the ear of the president, and he is making a power play.

But Kushner looms large, attempting to take back the president’s ear and push his own Jewish agenda on immigration.

Trump has to be sitting there thinking “come on, Jared – I just won an election for your people’s leader in Israel! Just let me do a little bit on the border!”

But I am personally going to remain skeptical that Trump is able to actually get a single thing done without the approval of Kushner until things start getting done. Yes, firing Kristjen “Riding Dirty” Nielsen was something, but it isn’t a policy, it is just a firing, and firings happen all the time.

I want to see Mexican children back in cages – because that is the singular policy that has worked.

Washington Post:

In President Trump’s latest blowup over immigration, senior adviser Stephen Miller hovered omnipresent in the background — goading him in his threats to close the border, warning him of the dangers of looking weak and encouraging the president’s sudden purge of his homeland security team.

Another top adviser who has Trump’s ear on immigration, son-in-law Jared Kushner, maintained a lower profile during the uproar. Shortly before joining Trump on a trip to the southern border — where the president railed that the “country is full” — Kushner met privately with the Mexican ambassador to discuss a more collaborative approach.

The contrast highlights the good cop-bad cop roles on immigration that Kushner, 38, and Miller, 33, now inhabit in Trump’s West Wing, with the latter ascendant as he pushes a frustrated president to champion draconian border policies and rhetoric.

The two political survivors from Trump’s 2016 campaign have emerged as all but untouchable because of their close relationship — and, in Kushner’s case, familial ties — with the president. But if Miller represents Trump’s id — reaffirming his hard-line immigration impulses — Kushner attempts to channel the president’s desire to be seen as a consummate dealmaker.

Nice way to phrase that, WaPo.

Because rolling over to the opposition is the epitome of “dealmaking.”

The differences put the two advisers on a potential collision course — adding to the swirl of confusion over how Trump intends to cope with a surge of migrants at the border, according to interviews with 21 White House aides, administration officials, lawmakers, Republican operatives and Trump confidants, many of whom requested anonymity to reveal private discussions.

So far, though, White House officials say the two have maintained a friendly working relationship, focused on divergent but complementary imperatives.

“Any suggestion that Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller have anything but a cordial and professional relationship would be misplaced,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a strong ally of President Trump. “Over and over, I’ve seen them work together on policy issues and deep deliberations that have the potential for being contentious, but there is mutual respect.”


They’re both Jewish.

And the fact that Miller is Jewish is the only reason he hasn’t been run out yet. Even while he’s been denounced by his family and the entire Jewish race as a race traitor, he can still apparently connect with Jared enough to keep from getting thrown totally under the bus.

For now.

Though that can’t last long if Miller starts to get his way on the invasion.

Yet the emerging fault lines between the two are evident as the cracks have widened under Trump’s border policies.

Kushner — a self-styled pragmatist — has pushed for a broader immigration deal, viewing Congress and a bipartisan agreement as necessary to finding a solution amid divided government. Miller — a fiery ideologue — has repeatedly advocated cutting legal immigration, rethinking the country’s asylum policies and implementing harsh measures to the secure the southern border. He views executive power and assertiveness as Trump’s best tools, including the moves in recent days to purge Kirstjen Nielsen, head of the Department of Homeland Security, and other top DHS officials.

Saddle Bags was literally just a leathery mouthpiece for Kushner.

This “oh bipartisan Congress, can’t do nothing, have to make a deal” bit was what she said every time she appeared anywhere.

During this year’s government shutdown, Trump specifically asked Kushner to take on a portion of the administration’s immigration portfolio, in part because of relationships he developed with some Mexican leaders during NAFTA renegotiation talks.

“This stupid goy is Jewing himself!” says the WaPo.

And that is at least partially true.

But he really is being handled, and he has no ability to resist due to the dynamics of the manipulation, which I’ve been covering in my review of Kushner, Inc.

More recently, Trump told Miller during an Oval Office meeting that he was in charge of overseeing all immigration and border issues, according to officials familiar with the meeting.

Yeah, I believe he told him that.

I can picture it.

Miller got to him and explained that the base is freaking out over all of his Jared positions, and told him he was going to lose in 2020 if he didn’t reverse. Trump doesn’t know that because he can’t use the internet – he doesn’t even know what Breitbart is saying about him, let alone what we’re saying about him.

Miller probably gave him some printouts, and said “look, this is our last chance.”

And Trump was convinced to hand over immigration to him.

Now what we’re going to witness is Jared Kushner regaining control of that. There’s a chance that won’t happen, but if it doesn’t happen, it is going to have to end with Jared being fired. Those are the only options. Jared is too influential to be in the White House and not eventually get his way.

It remains unclear whose immigration philosophy will ultimately be embraced by Trump, who faces a looming reelection bid and complaints from his political base and conservative media personalities that his administration is not doing enough to solve the central dilemma of his presidency.

That’s the only time the WaPo will admit that – a single sentence halfway down a 2000 word article.

None of these papers will run headlines about how 2019 Trump is worse than any Democrat on immigration – or even go into any kind of detail about how angry the base is – because they have to keep building him up as the evil nazi racist.

Their own agenda to paint him as a genocidal maniac plays directly into Jared’s agenda to get him to cuck on everything while no one is looking.

One White House official said Kushner understands more than Miller the sort of deal that could pass muster with Congress and public opinion. But, this person added, Kushner may not find much enthusiasm for such a plan from Trump or Miller.

Some critics of the administration’s immigration policies fault both of the advisers, painting a portrait of a villain (Miller) and a naif (Kushner).

“If the White House were a Star Wars set, Miller would play the role of Darth Vader,” said Kevin Appleby, a longtime immigrant advocate. “His main goal is to keep Trump on the immigration dark side.”

But, Appleby added, “for Kushner to think he can come in and negotiate an immigration deal — which Congress has failed to do for 20 years — without Miller’s support is politically naive, at best. He would not get out of the starting gate.”

For those of you who aren’t lit majors, a naif is a naive person. Funnily enough, that is the precise opposite of what Kushner is, and it is admitted by the media in other situations that he is a liberal Democrat.

He doesn’t think he’s going to get an immigration deal. He wants to kike Trump, kike all of Trump’s people, and continue the Jewish project of flooding America with hordes upon hordes of brown people. And the way he got to Trump was by convincing him that people would love immigration if the economy was good and immigrants were being brought in to work.

This is obvious, clear bullshit, but Trump is senile and has no idea what is even going on at this point.

Miller has told White House aides that many in the government are opposed to Trump’s immigration agenda, that few can be trusted and that DHS needed major changes at the top, officials said. He also has begun assessing officials at specific agencies to decide if he thinks they are loyal to the president, these officials added.

On a policy level, Miller is pushing for new asylum rules that would give fewer people the chance to come into the country by citing “credible fear;” seeking to cut down the number of countries from which migrants can seek asylum; and pressing for ways to speed up deportations.


While Miller’s broad purview is as a speechwriter and senior adviser, aides say he focuses almost exclusively on immigration.

Miller’s relationship with Kushner improved after the departure in 2017 of Trump’s former chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who clashed with Miller despite their shared hard-line immigration views. Officials said Miller made clear to Kushner that — unlike Bannon — he was not interesting in trying to undermine the president’s son-in-law, who is firmly entrenched in the White House.

Yeah, I think in actual reality, the HuffPo told us what the difference between Bannon and Miller was the day Bannon was forced out by Kushner.

Stephen Miller has always done the right thing, the entire time he’s been in the White House. There is no record of him doing the wrong thing ever. So I’m not really concerned about the fact he’s Jewish. However, it is simply an obvious fact that he is leveraging his Jewishness to stay out of the path of the Kushner wrecking ball.

If he fails to pull off a coup right now – this is his big push – Jared will force him out regardless of their ethnic bond.

It is so incredible that the WaPo is able to write these stories without mentioning the word “JEW.” It’s just like – everything is merely hinted at. Sometimes hinted at in a far too obvious way, as in the case of the above HuffPo headline (which was changed after a few hours because it was too obvious – though it was changed to “white flight” which is the same message just not with the overtone of “we’re Jews and we control the government”). But the people need me to frame this.

Kushner is aiming for a broader immigration deal, and is currently focused on border security and a merit-based legal immigration system, one White House official said. Many who refuse to work with Miller — Mexican officials and congressional Democrats, for instance — view Kushner as a more reasonable conduit to the administration.

In recent months, Kushner has been meeting with senators to pitch a possible plan on legal immigration, border security and interior enforcement, a senior White House official said. Kushner has also held roughly 50 listening sessions, largely with conservative groups, to better understand what sort of immigration deal they could support, another White House official said.

Yes, that focus group work is obviously what led to Trump’s “we need people for factories” line that he was using repeatedly six or so weeks ago.

And a lot of caved-in head MAGApedes fell for it.

However, mostly thanks to Breitbart (not shilled out R/The_Donald), the core base is not going along with this.

The whole thing was slickly done though. I will give Kushner that. Because these boomer retards are inexplicably obsessed with the whole “infinity GDP means a stronger IRA” bit.

But Miller has at times been an impediment to Kushner’s ambitions. While Kushner has encouraged the president to make bigger deals with Democrats, Miller has worked with conservative House Freedom Caucus members to scuttle such compromises, in part by working around legislative affairs staffers, White House and legislative aides said.

Former and current senior Republican aides who interacted with Miller said he would often contradict what they had heard from DHS officials, particularly on visas and asylum rules. The aides said they never hear from Miller on any issue other than immigration, while Kushner has met with them about trade, criminal justice issues and health care.

Yes, releasing a bunch of nigger drug dealers was a Kushner plan.

The lying kike actually went on Laura Ingraham last week and told her that these nigger crack dealers were registering Republican!

Citation needed, you creepy-ass Jew fuck!

During the 35-day government shutdown, Kushner worked to strike a compromise to reopen the government, at one point floating an option that would have included permanent protection for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children — colloquially known as Dreamers — in exchange for $25 billion in border funding. Domingo Garcia, the president of LULAC, a Latino advocacy organization, met with Kushner at the time and said he seemed “sincere.”

Yes, Kushner also did the cuckout on the shutdown.

This one Jew rat did absolutely everything that you hate about the Trump administration, from the beginning.

Kushner, Inc. reveals that he was behind the firing of Corey Lewandowski! You remember Corey??? You remember how weird it was when he was fired??? JEW KUSHNER AGAIN!

Mark Krikorian, an immigration restrictionist and executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said Kushner “felt he was able to pull off prison reform by bring left and right together. He hoped he could replicate that.”

The entire, singular reason he was able to get the Democrats to “come together” and release a bunch of nigger crack dealers from prison is that this is a Democrat position. Republicans just went along with it so they wouldn’t be called racists.

It is not an achievement to get Democrats to agree to their own positions, JEW!

For now, Trump has sided firmly with Miller — focused on pursing what he views as a tough immigration approach that will both solve the border crisis and excite the core supporters he needs to carry him to victory in 2020.

Trump allies, however, say they think Kushner believes has the ability to persuade the president to give real consideration to a bipartisan immigration deal if one emerges, rather than be outmaneuvered by Miller and other hard-liners.

“Look, Kushner is the son-in-law,” Krikorian said. “If push comes to shove, I’d bet on Jared. But it may never get to that.”

I’d bet on Jared as well.

In fact, I’m thinking of placing money on it.

Of course, I want Trump to go back to his original positions, and I see that Miller might be able to make that happen – he’s already gotten something started with the DHS firings – but I don’t believe there is any way for Jared to lose short of being fired, and I do not think Trump is going to fire him.

Miller has made a power play, and we’ll hope for the best.

This Hail Mary is absolutely the last chance for MAGA. If Miller fails, there won’t be another off-ramp from the Kushner agenda.

But I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’m not putting any personal or professional energy into the belief that Trump can get out from under this kike. Instead, I am more concerned about being able to blame the Jews when this whole thing collapses, and Jared Kushner is making that very easy.

Kushner is the Vizier to our fallen Pharaoh.

He is going to trick you into giving him your grain and sell it back to you at exorbitant prices, and then act like you owe him.