WaPo: Blacks Must Completely Disengage with White America

Daily Stormer
September 8, 2016


That’s cute… Wait. Does that sign say “BLAXKLIVESMATTER?” What the hell is a BLAXK?

Whites, as a collective entity, would desperately want Blacks and other non-Whites to “disengage” from a “dialogue” on “race” with us. In fact, we’d really like it of they’d disengage from being in our presence altogether.

Also, from being on TV and the internet, if that’s not too much to ask.

But I’m honestly surprised some blacks feel the same way. This is going to make everything simpler, then.


Zack Linly wants nothing to do with us. Well, he probably wants our money. Still, it’s a start.

Washington Post:

As reports of police overreach and brutality in the black community become more and more commonplace in mainstream news, many black people are feeling a strange combination of frustration and relief — relief because the shootings of unarmed citizens have become part of a national discussion, but frustration because, time and time again, we hear the same dismissive and deflective responses from white America:

“There must be more to the story.”

“If you people would just do what you’re told.”

“Cops have a hard job.”

“White people get shot too.”

“He was just another thug. Good riddance!”

“Why do you people make everything about race?”

“What about black on black crime?”

“All lives matter.”


Huh, those are actually some pretty good points. What about black on black crime?

I’ve grown too disillusioned to be relieved and too numb to be frustrated. I’m just tired.

I’m tired from sacrificing millions of once healthy brain cells reading through the comment sections of race-based web articles — thread after thread, chock-full of black folks trying to navigate oblivious whiteness. At some point, we really need to ask ourselves: Why even bother?

I feel the same way, to be honest. Reading all these news stories about good boys who didn’t do nuffin’, getting shot by racist cops just because they pointed a gun at them…

It’s tiring, you know?

I think Linly and I may be kindred spirits, in a sense.

Can we please stop?

We need to stop acting like white people don’t take the same reading comprehension portions of standardized tests all through middle and high school that we do. They know how analogies work. They got it the first time — they just didn’t care.



That’s right, Homo Erectus – we don’t care.

At all.

You know what I feel when I thinking back about how those guys got killed by cops?



Actually, wait. I did feel a little something.

But let me tell you – it wasn’t grief.

If they really considered the affirmation of one life mattering to be a denial of the same for all others, then they would consider “Blue Lives Matter” to be just as offensive as “Black Lives Matter.” But they don’t.

Yeah, that’s right. Because cops protect us. Thus, their lives matter to us. Blacks just kill and rape. Thus, their lives don’t matter to us.

How is this difficult to understand?

The fact is, we can fight systemic racism without white validation. We can continue shutting down bridges and highways every time there’s a new Alton Sterling, Philando Castile or Korryn Gaines in the news and let white folks complain about the intrusion on their lives. We can continue moving our black dollars into black banks and keeping our money in our businesses and communities. We don’t need them to “get it” for us to keep fighting.

And likewise, white people who truly want to be allies can find their path to ally-ship without black validation and without us having to take time out of our days to educate them. They can find their own curriculum and figure out for themselves how they can do their part in fighting the good fight. And they can do it without the promise of black praise. And, I’m not about to keep checking to see if they’re doing that much. Because it’s not my job – and it’s not yours, either.

Black people, it is long past time for us to start practicing self-care. And if that means completely disengaging with white America altogether, then so be it.


Success, my friends.

We’ve been telling Blacks that they’re our equals for so long, now, that they now believe that they can actually function on their own – nay, that they’d be better off without us!


I guess the next step is shipping them back to Africa in boats? Or maybe quarantining them in their own cities? Frankly, I don’t care. As long as there’s either a wall or and ocean between us.