WaPo Attacks Incels, The Most Oppressed Group of People on the Planet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2019

I’ll take unsustainable social norms for 6 million, Alex.

The Washington Post has published a 4,000 word article attacking the single most oppressed group of people on the planet: incels.

The feature hate article is written by one Steve Hendrix who, as you would expect, looks like the kind of guy who has a bunch of little boys chained up in his basement.

Seriously, talk about a stranger danger face – yikes.

The article starts off talking about the oh my God such horrible tragedy of Scott Paul Beierle, a heroic soldier of justice who shot up a yoga studio to punish stupid whores.

He fought the hajis. Then he turned his sights on the real enemy: filthy fucking whores.

This shitty article then goes on to talk about how incels are one of these shocking new “rising ideologies of hate” that no one can seem to explain the existence of.

Seriously – if we allegedly have an “explosion” of “ideologies of hate,” and these people want to stop them, why don’t they ever attempt to examine what is causing them? Why do they always just call for mass internet censorship?

Washington Post:

In 2018, a few months before Beierle stood in that studio, the Southern Poverty Law Center added a new category to its tracking list of hate movements around the country: male supremacy.

The term encompasses a worrying new array of assaults by men who view women as genetically inferior, inherently treacherous or unwilling to provide them with the sex and submission they see as their birthright.

It’s a trend with roots both ancient and new. Condemning women as a gender dates to at least the ancient Greek myth that blamed Pandora for unleashing evil into the world. But in the digital age, misogyny is being stoked within hundreds of online chat rooms and forums, echo chambers of grievance that drive some men to cyberbullying and a far smaller number to violence.

“What’s different today is the online space itself,” Beirich said. “Back in the day, an ad on how to meet girls in the back of a magazine didn’t open a door into the dark web.”

In a 2018 report, the Anti-Defamation League divided this “manosphere” into three overlapping tribes: “men’s rights activists,” who have channeled legitimate advocacy for equal treatment in divorce and custody disputes into a toxic male rage; “pick-up artists,” who have perverted those back-of-the-magazine schemes into a cult of predatory sexual entitlement; and “incels,” men who blame all women for their own involuntary celibacy.

All three groups espouse a generalized loathing for women and the shifting norms — from female empowerment to gay rights — that they blame for their many miseries.

Do they have a reason to blame these shifting norms?

That is, are these shifting norms objectively the cause of their problems?

Of course, in 4,000 words, Pedoface Hendrix couldn’t find time to address that question.

As the online communities swelled in the past five or six years, the rhetoric became more extreme.

“It went from ‘I got [screwed] in my divorce settlement’ to ‘Women are dogs, women should be raped,’ ” Beirich said.

“A deep-seated loathing of women acts as a connective tissue between many white supremacists,” explained the ADL report, titled “When Women are the Enemy: The Intersection of Misogyny and White Supremacy.”

While old-guard white supremacists revered women as the mothers of the race, younger bigots despise them as just one more group responsible for eroding their status.

“Even if you become the ultimate alpha male, some stupid bitch will still ruin your life,” declared Andrew Anglin on the neo-Nazi website he founded, the Daily Stormer. Anglin has credited his site’s anti-women content with bolstering traffic even as other hate sites have seen a falloff.

“Incels are full of rage, and it is trivial to turn these guys into kike haters,” explained one of Anglin’s sidekicks, Andrew Auernheimer, known online as Weev, in a Daily Stormer post. “Few people have ever personally had their life harmed by a Jew (in a direct, personally observable sense), but every single breathing man has had it f—– up by multiple selfish, scheming hookers (likely starting with their own mothers).”

The ugly rhetoric can lead to violence. The 19-year-old nursing student alleged to have opened fire in a San Diego-area synagogue in April cited, among a litany of anti-Semitic conspiracies, the role of Jews in promoting feminism.

Incel adherents in particular — who dream of destroying the women they long for, derisively nicknamed “Stacys,” and the attractive men, “Chads,” who have better luck — have emerged as killers.

The difference between me and Pedoface Hendrix is that I’m a much better writer than he is, and my articles are actually interesting. The other difference is that I’m not completely full of shit.

It is an absolute objective fact that the sexual liberation of women has left all but the most desirable of men without sex.

This is a very easy math equation.

Historically, highly attractive men went with highly attractive women, average men went with average women, and ugly men went with ugly women. That was because it was considered NOT OKAY for women to just casually fuck guys. Furthermore, before birth control, abortion and child support and welfare for single mothers, women didn’t have a choice to simply fuck around, and had to find a man who would commit to them. And the men who would commit to them were men in their own attractiveness range.

Now, women of mid-range or low attractiveness can go out and fuck men who would normally be way out of their league, because the men will be like “yeah okay whatever, if you’re down to fuck I’ll do it but I’m not giving you my phone number.” And women prefer that to a man in their own league who will commit to them.

So in order to get laid at all, men either have to go way below their own level and fuck disgusting fat bitches, or they have to become rich or famous or something. Or jacked-up on steroids. Or have a bunch of stupid tattoos. Whatever.

Obviously, in this situation, some guys are going to get completely left out, and just not get any attention from any women at all.

These men are “incels” and they are being denied something that should be a fundamental human right. Any society that leaves huge numbers of men without sex is a totally failed society on the brink of collapse.

I don’t support shooting up yoga studios to punish these filthy whores, but I do think it is hilarious and I totally understand why someone would do it.

My own life has been pretty difficult. I am hunted by the kikes for my artistic expression. I have been forced into poverty. People sue me.

If I couldn’t get laid, I’ll tell you – it might push me over the edge.

But instead of saying “maybe we need to look at the sociological dynamics causing these problems,” the filthy goddamn JEWS tell us that the solution is to shut down the internet so that the victims of this society can’t talk about their experiences.

Just try to imagine that. Try to imagine that you’re the people running a society, and that is your response to a massive social problem – to prevent the victims from being able to express themselves.

I’ll tell you: after my revolution, these sluts are going to pay dearly.

And you’re all getting laid.

I can promise you that.