WaPo Admits Biden Would Continue Aggressive China Policy – And Much Worse

The whole narrative that Joe Biden is controlled by China is stupid.

China would have preferred Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is not a warmonger.

Of course, all of Joe Biden’s policies were a secret before the election. You had to vote for him to vote out what he’s going to do. Now, things are slowly dripping out.

The media is admitting that Biden is planning to continue aggressive policies against China.

Jewish neocon Josh Rogin, who wants to invade China to give them freedom, writes for Washington Post:

The Biden administration-in-waiting is sending clear signals about its China approach, which will look very different from President Trump’s — at least on the surface. But at the same time, President-elect Joe Biden’s personnel picks so far portend a strategy that maintains the Trump administration’s core thrust of focusing on competition — not engagement — with Beijing. That should comfort nervous allies even if it doesn’t satisfy hawkish Republicans.

On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent Biden a congratulatory message, in which Xi said he hopes the incoming team will “uphold the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.” This is standard Chinese Communist Party doublespeak for asking the United States to back off criticizing Beijing’s ever-increasing external aggression and internal repression. As the joke in Washington has it, when Chinese officials speak of “win-win cooperation,” that means China wins twice.

The Jew cries out for democracy in China as he arrests you for not wearing a mask.

CCP leaders are surely glad to put the antagonism and unpredictability of the Trump administration behind them, but they might not want to celebrate just yet. Biden has selected key national security officials who are relatively hard-line on China within the Democratic Party. And the Biden team is already changing the United States’ Asia policy, but not in a way that benefits Beijing.

That is to say: Biden has selected globalist Jews who want a single world government that China is standing in the way of.

Biden’s announcement he plans to nominate Antony Blinken as secretary of state and Jake Sullivan as national security adviser shows he is making a break from the Obama White House’s engagement-focused China policy. There were fears in the region that Susan Rice, who resisted a more competitive strategy when she was national security adviser, might have become America’s top diplomat.

Blinken laid out his thinking on China in a July Hudson Institute event, when he argued that Trump put the United States in a weaker strategic position vis-a-vis China by undermining alliances and waffling on values promotion. Blinken promised to rally allies toward the mission of pushing back on China’s various bad behaviors.

“There is a growing consensus across parties that China poses a series of new challenges and that the status quo was really not sustainable,” he said. “We are in a competition with China, and there’s nothing wrong with competition, if it’s fair.”

The Jew says, as he uses State Department grants to schools to brainwash your nation’s youth into violent revolution.

Increased coordination was a theme of Biden’s calls with regional democratic leaders, all conducted before his still-pending conversation with Xi. The Biden team readouts said Biden emphasized working with them to maintain a “secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.” That phrasing has been deliberately changed from the Trump administration’s term, a “free and open Indo-Pacific” region. Many countries in Asia prefer the term “secure and prosperous,” although there isn’t much difference in the substance. Biden is essentially continuing a key feature of Trump’s strategy but rebranding it to appeal to allies.

The Biden team will never be hawkish enough on China to satisfy some Republicans, but the emerging team should appeal to Asian allies who liked Trump’s enthusiasm but not his style. A competition-based approach is not a panacea — it’s simply the prerequisite to meeting the generational challenge of managing China’s rise.

Why is it a generational challenge? Why is it a challenge at all?

What is China doing?

They ignore the West, almost totally. Meanwhile, ZOG has military bases all along their borders, sends in the CIA to start cults, and runs bizarre Antifa revolutions within their borders.

Imagine if:

  • There were 30,000 Chinese troops in Canada
  • There were 50,000 Chinese troops in Mexico
  • There were Chinese troops stationed in Cuba and the Dominican Republic
  • Texas had seceded from America and was financially and militarily backed by China
  • Chinese ships were in the Gulf of Mexico telling the US Navy they would stop them from using the waters for trade routes
  • There were rioters in New York burning down the city while flying Chinese flags and singing the Chinese national anthem, and China was threatening the American government that if they arrested the pro-Chinese rioters they would sanction them
  • China was constantly accusing the US of international aggression and threatening them over their domestic law enforcement policies
  • China was demanding that America release criminals from prison

Because that would be EXACTLY the reverse of THIS SITUATION.

This is INSANE.

China is not related to ANY PROBLEM WE HAVE.

These people are trying to START A WORLD WAR.