Walls are Closing in on Sweatless Toe-Licker Prince Andrew, Mastermind of the Epstein Sex Ring

The walls are closing in on the mastermind of the Jeffrey Epstein sex ring.

There’s nowhere left for the man who planned it all to run.

He spent his life licking toes – now he’s going to get the boot, once and for all.

Daily Mirror:

A woman who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew says she is “running out of hope” that he will be punished.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims she was trafficked by financier Jeffrey Epstein, alleges Prince Andrew had sex with her on three separate occasions – including when she was 17, still a minor under US law.

This morning she claimed she was “gifted” to the royal, and voiced her fury on Twitter.

She wrote: “All the evidence you could poke a stick out and yet the justice system defends a known predator who just happens to be a prince, anyone else would be thrown into jail.

“He knew I had no choice- he knew I was being trafficked- gifted to him. Nothings all right. Running out of hope.”

Ms Giuffre, who was pictured with the Duke of York in London in London, has previously said she hopes Andrew is put “in a cell next to his best mate” Ghislaine Maxwell.

The former teen ‘sex slave’ of Jeffrey Epstein spoke out after the chief of the Metropolitan Police offered to assist US authorities with their investigation into the US paedophile.

Dame Cressida Dick said that while the focus of the FBI probe was “clearly” in America, she added the Met would assist US authorities should it be required “at any stage”.

The help could include looking at Andrew’s ties to his friends Epstein and Maxwell.

When “The Sweatless Prince” put together this sex ring and wrangled with the likes of college drop-out Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, he thought his toe-licking days would never end.

I wonder where all that heat is going now, since he can’t sweat?

Probably, he’s crying like the big baby he is.

A lot of people are saying that Jeffrey Epstein was the mastermind of the Epstein sex ring. Others are saying it was Maxwell.

There’s a simple answer to these charges: if one of those Jews was responsible, then why would the media only ever be talking about Prince Andrew?

Checkmate, anti-Semite.