Wall Street Journal Issues Apology to PewDiePie, Backtracks and Says They Were Hacked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2018

On Monday, Wall Street Journal, formerly an enemy of PewDiePie, issued this lovely apology and endorsed PewDiePie in his race war against India:

However, soon after the post went up, it was deleted and the Wall Street Journal claimed that they had been “hacked.”

Sorry, but how exactly does that happen?

How often do you hear of major newspapers being hacked?

Either this was an act from someone within the company, or the WSJ endorsed Pewds and then changed their mind.

You can’t just type a bunch of lines of code into a terminal and hack the mainframe like in that movie “Hackers.”

The only accurate thing about that movie is that Angelina Jolie was only hot when she was 18.

It’s always downhill from there.

Someone has to have had access to the WSJ site to post this endorsement, so that means that Pewds has an ally inside of enemy lines.

If you want to win a race war against India, you need spies.

And he’s got em.

Sadly… the reality fact is that PewDiePie cannot hold on forever, because there are simply too many Indians on earth, and eventually all of them are going to subscribe to that one horrible music video channel, because their culture is that boring and vapid.

Furthermore, no matter what, YouTube is going to eventually ban PewDiePie.

There is a zero percent chance that they will not eventually do so.

Thus, if I were PewDiePie, I would want to go down while I was number one.

He is already openly attacking YouTube and Google.

He is linking to awesome channels like E;R.

He’s calling out whining Paki sluts.

He also follows a fake Sam Hyde account on Twitter.

The war drums are pounding.

And there is no way PewDiePie can win this.

He is a dead man walking.

I advise blaze of glory.